Dexter Season 7 Footage at SDCC 2012

Two interesting bits of Dexter news have surfaced from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. First, a “sneak peek” teaser was revealed which basically ran through a bunch of episode stills at blinding speed. The good folks on YouTube knew quickly came to everyone’s rescue by slowing the teaser down enough for us to get a glimpse of every still. Continue reading


New Tekken Tag 2 Trailer

A new trailer has been revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There’s a slight problem though… it’s in Japanese. Despite this fact, those of us who aren’t Japanese can still pick out some interesting facts from the following trailer.

So what does the new trailer highlight?

  • Customization: Though we already knew that it was in long ago, the trailer showcases a little bit of the customization menu in the game.
  • Fight Lab: The cool character building/training mode starring Combot is shown off a bit in the trailer.
  • Forest Law?: Marshall’s son is a possible console exclusive character due to Marshall’s name appearing as Marshall Law during fights rather than just Law.
  • Game Modes: Arcade Battle, Ghost Battle, Survival, Team Battle, and Time Attack are all in the game in addition to the obvious Practice and Versus game modes.
  • Online Features: Leaderboards, Player Match, Ranked Match, Tekken Channel and World Arena make up the online mode of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

A new English trailer will probably appear soon as well (hopefully showing off the other unrevealed console exclusive characters), so keep your eyes peeled!

Heroes & Generals Come Out to Play Trailer

Reto-Moto unveiled an interesting new trailer for Heroes & Generals today that shows off developers and community members playing the game and just having a great time in general.


Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play persistent online wargame that is playable in a standard PC browser by utilizing the powerful Retox engine. The game is both a heavy strategy game as well as a first person shooter. And will be available later this year.

As someone who played the alpha of Heroes & Generals, I can safely say that this game has heaps of potential and will definitely be a blast to play for those who enjoy shooters. I’ve made a few posts on Heroes & Generals in the past, so poke around a bit if you’re interested in reading more about this game.

Fanmade Tetris Movie Trailer

There have been a lot of amusing Tetris movie trailers made over the years, but the following one, which is brand spankin’ new and made by YouTube user Warialasky, is easily my favourite. Check it out.

Official Tetris Teaser Trailer. The invasion is beginning. It is inevitable. You created them, you can destroy them! I did not create Tetris, I was but the messenger. Tell me how to stop them. This is an extinction level event. No, don’t go! Let her go!

If Battleship gets its own movie, why not Tetris?

Why not indeed!

It’s probably inevitable that Tetris is given the Hollywood treatment though. As many say, it’s not a question of if but rather a question of when.

Mega Man Confirmed For Street Fighter X Tekken

Mega Man has been officially revealed as a playable character in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken fighting game as an exclusive character for PS3 and Vita players!

Joining Mega Man as Sony exclusives are Pac-Man (who rides a controllable Mokujin robot), Toro and Kuro, and Cole McGrath from Infamous.

I don’t really want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer yet and stumbled upon this place before IGN or Shoryuken… Though I suspect that anyone who came in from my front page may already know what is in store for them. Heh heh. Watch the following trailer and enjoy!

The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey Debut Trailer

Mark your calendars everyone! December 14, 2011 will be the day that Peter Jackson rules the world for a fourth time. The first of two movies based on The Hobbit (a prequel of sorts to Lord of the Rings) will hit theatres at the end of next year, giving us something truly awesome to look forward to as the world apparently ends (the so called 2012 apocalypse and all).

Does Peter Jackson still have it or what? His Tolkien movies are all utterly incredible, and An Unexpected Journey looks to be no different. This guy would make Tolkien proud, wouldn’t he?

I love how the characters we’re familiar with don’t even look any different than they did in the previous films. Gandalf looks just as old and scraggly as we know him (rather than just “older”) and the young Bilbo is superb. This is going to be an epic movie for sure. December 2012 cannot come soon enough!