Mega Man Confirmed For Street Fighter X Tekken

Mega Man has been officially revealed as a playable character in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken fighting game as an exclusive character for PS3 and Vita players!

Joining Mega Man as Sony exclusives are Pac-Man (who rides a controllable Mokujin robot), Toro and Kuro, and Cole McGrath from Infamous.

I don’t really want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer yet and stumbled upon this place before IGN or Shoryuken… Though I suspect that anyone who came in from my front page may already know what is in store for them. Heh heh. Watch the following trailer and enjoy!


Street Fighter X Tekken Confirmed

I don’t even need to say anything. I’ll just let these two videos that I’ve uploaded do the talking!

Street Fighter X Tekken (the X is pronounced “Cross”) was announced today at Comic-Con by Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada. Ono has stated that SFxT (I am laying claim to calling it that first, internet!!) won’t be available for a while yet, because Capcom wants gamers to enjoy Marvel vs Capcom 3 for a while. My prediction? August or September 2011.

It was also revealed that there will be a “Tekken X Street Fighter” as well. What’s the difference? Street Fighter X Tekken will run on modified Street Fighter 4 engine, while Tekken X Street Fighter will run on a modified Tekken engine. No word on the Namco developed game just yet. For now, enjoy what Capcom has shown us!

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