Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth (Retro Review)

INFO: This review was written in the year 2001, therefore I was much younger when I wrote it. The quality of the writing is probably much lower. Don’t grimace too much when you read it, please!

“Final Fantasy Tactics this ain’t!”

The graphics in Hoshigami are your basic isometric 3D graphics, no better than Final Fantasy Tactics or Breath of Fire IV. That, in my opinion, was a huge let down. Why? Well, Hoshigami is most likely the last isometric game to be released for the Sony PlayStation and it didn’t even manage to beat Final Fantasy Tactics’ graphics, and that game was released way back in 1997! Game sprites look pretty cheesy and lack plenty of detail. If you’re looking for nice looking lancers, or big cool looking demons, then don’t look at this game’s sprites! The sprites lack everything… Detail, depth, color. You name it and I’d bet you that they are missing it. The only real strong point (graphics-wise) is the character artwork. Faces are well done, as are the body portraits. Aside from that… Graphics are a bummer.

Heh… I’ll tell you now, these definitely aren’t Squaresoft compositions. The music literally sucks, no word of a lie. If I had the chance to do Hoshigami’s music I would most likely do a much better job. When you go into a new fight, it’s usually one of two battle themes… I think that’s all I heard were two… Sound effects are composed mainly of clicks, beeps, and slashes… Impressive, huh? No, not really. Anyway, Music/Sound in Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth is just plain terrible. While its alright the first time you play, the music gets pretty annoying after your first two missions of the exact same battle music!

What? Innovation? Obviously the developers never heard of that. Other strategy RPG games such as Final Fantasy Tactics or even Tactics Ogre allows you to change the class/job of your characters. In Hoshigami this feature was a no show. When you reach a town, you can recruit berserkers, soldiers… Of course, it doesn’t even say what their class/job is, but its quite obvious what they are when you see the sprites. So, in a way, you recruit people with no class/job. Isn’t that lame? Anyway, now we’re getting into the funny stuff… In Final Fantasy Tactics, when you reach a town, you can shop, recruit, visit the bar… That kind of stuff. Hoshigami is practically identical to this, complete with a little picture of the town!

Hoshigami’s gameplay is pretty bad, if not terrible. Now with that said, you know what to expect. Something bad. Why is it bad? Well, hear me out… When you go into a fight in Hoshigami, you’ll probably pick about seven characters. You’ll often fight against 20 or more guys who are all match your highest level character’s level. To top that off, they’re all better than you are, and they have a strange way of knowing who is weak against what and will usually only attack characters that are weak against the element they have. There is no MP or spells in this game… You boost up magic coins and they unleash magic. It sounds interesting, but its pretty annoying, and getting an awesome coin with a very powerful spell is harder than anything I’ve ever done in most games. Here’s another tasty tidbit for you… If a character dies in battle, they are gone… Dead… FOREVER! If someone dies, you cannot revive them and they will not come back after the level. Now, I’m sorry but that is just stupid and retarded. When someone dies (and in the average level its about four of your seven) you have to go hire some new people and train them to at least match your highest levels. That means that if you get somebody new (unfortunately every new character starts at level one) you have to go into the Tower of Trial and train them. You’ll often lose your best characters during the levels, making training even harder! All I can say is that the difficulty of this game is insane.

If you want a game that lasts, stay away from Hoshigami. Buy Final Fantasy Tactics. That’s all I can say… DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS BAD GAME.

Final Score