Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

It looks like a new Tomb Raider game is in the works, though “Tomb Raider” has been dropped from title and has simply been replaced with Lara Croft’s name. Even checking out what the game is all about, it’s not hard to see why the naming of this installment is different.

What sets this game apart from Lara’s previous adventures is the nature of the game itself. This is no longer a third person adventure game. Guardian of Light is, instead, an isometric 3D platformer/puzzle game that relies heavily on co-op multiplayer. Now that’s certainly a different approach to Tomb Raider!

In this game, Lara is off looking for a “Mirror of Smoke” which is apparently stolen by some bad guy. The Mirror’s guardian, Totec, must work together to get the Mirror back. This is where the title comes, as Totec is the Guardian of Light in the name.

The game will apparently play like an arcade adventure game. My immediate impression is that the game probably played like a Diablo style game, but instead I believe it to be closer to the classic Prince of Persia titles. The arcade aspect comes from having a score that will increase as you defeat opponents and find collectables.

I have never been a huge Tomb Raider fan, but this looks wildly different from Lara’s previous adventures and just may be more mainstream. Overall, it looks like an interesting game which will be available via digital download. If the price is reasonable, I will probably give the game a try. To conclude this little article, here’s a trailer.

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