Gran Turismo 6 Fact Sheet

Available worldwide December 6, Gran Turismo 6 seems to be the installment in the series that Gran Turismo 5 wanted to be. Everything introduced in the previous game has been refined, and major complaints have been ironed out to create a better playing experience. Below are facts I’ve collected that I feel showcases just how significant of a racing game Gran Turismo 6 will be. Continue reading


New Tekken Tag 2 Trailer

A new trailer has been revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There’s a slight problem though… it’s in Japanese. Despite this fact, those of us who aren’t Japanese can still pick out some interesting facts from the following trailer.

So what does the new trailer highlight?

  • Customization: Though we already knew that it was in long ago, the trailer showcases a little bit of the customization menu in the game.
  • Fight Lab: The cool character building/training mode starring Combot is shown off a bit in the trailer.
  • Forest Law?: Marshall’s son is a possible console exclusive character due to Marshall’s name appearing as Marshall Law during fights rather than just Law.
  • Game Modes: Arcade Battle, Ghost Battle, Survival, Team Battle, and Time Attack are all in the game in addition to the obvious Practice and Versus game modes.
  • Online Features: Leaderboards, Player Match, Ranked Match, Tekken Channel and World Arena make up the online mode of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

A new English trailer will probably appear soon as well (hopefully showing off the other unrevealed console exclusive characters), so keep your eyes peeled!

What is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

What is Star Wars: The Old Republic? It is a new MMORPG by Canadian developer Bioware, makers of Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and other popular series. The Old Republic is a spiritual sequel to their “Knights of the Old Republic” RPGs in the sense that it is set around the same time in Star Wars lore which means that The Old Republic takes place about 1000 years before the film saga.

The Old Republic borrows heavily from recent Bioware games. You can tell that they use the same 3D modelling crew, and general gameplay is similar (you an have conversations with NPCs and such). Of course there are tons of MMO mainstays since this an MMORPG, but you can tell by playing that this is a Bioware game. The good thing about this? Mass appeal. If you like Bioware, MMORPGs, RPGs in general, or Star Wars, then you’ll find something to like here.

Here are a few of what I feel are some of the stronger points of this game.

Choose Your Side: Do you want to be a good guy? Side with the Republic and be a Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, or Trooper. Or perhaps you feel like being evil? Join the Sith Empire and become a Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor, or Sith Warrior.

Companions: Imagine having a Dragon Age/Mass Effect party member with you at all times who is FULLY customizable and actually helpful! Smuggler characters even get a wookiee companion to mirror Han Solo and Chewbacca!

Developed Class System: All classes have their very own central story lines that are unique to them, so each class has different quests and objectives. Also, dual-class comes into play at level 10 which allows you to take on a secondary class role that enhances your abilities.

Flashpoints: Heavy story driven dungeons that allow four players to play through a scenario together and earn large amounts of experience and social points.

Friendly Atmosphere: Being a Star Wars fan is not required to enjoy this thorough and well designed MMORPG as it eases you into the Star Wars world and makes sure that there are dialoague options available for those who are unfamiliar with Star Wars terms such as Padawan or Sith.

Fully Voiced Experience: Every quest has fully voiced cutscenes. NPCs chatter all around you. The world of The Old Republic is brimming with life. Gone are long walls of text telling you to go kill ten boars (rinse and repeat)! Picking up quests is now a fun activity.

Gear Modding: There are tons of gear modification items that you can find which can be attached to armor and weapons which boost their stats. Go wild with combinations!

Large Worlds: While level 1-10 planets may not be too big (think regular sized WoW zones), planets beyond level 10 get significantly larger and have lots to see. Get ready to start checking your map often!

Lightsaber Modding: THey are fully customizable. Don’t like the glow colour you’ve got? Simple, buy a new colour crystal and go from boring yellow to rockin’ blue and start killing Sith in style.

Space Battles: Don’t feel like questing on a planet? Hop into your starship and head into space to do battle against other ships!

Speeder & Starship: You get your OWN FREAKING STARSHIP. That’s right, your own ship. Pilot it anywhere you want! Revisit past planets or journey to ones that you have no business whatsoever being on! You also get a speeder to allow you to zip around larger planets faster than you would by foot.

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6 Things I’d Like To See In Terraria

Terraria is shaping up to be a very thorough game after the 1.1 update. Unfortunately, a lot of the new content only unlocks after you defeat the Wall of Flesh. This seems to promise that the early game (first several hours) will be the same ol’ Terraria as ever for the most part. This is a problem with me, as I usually only play multiplayer with friends and we always play on large worlds, rarely getting beyond the gold gear/weapons phase as it seems everyone loses interest or something (except for me, I could play forever).

Here are a few ideas I have for Terraria to broaden the scope of the game a little bit more. These are things I’ve always wished for and, hopefully, one day they may be added.

6. Shields
Why not? There are becoming a lot of monsters in Terraria that have projectile attacks, and we’re not always fortunate enough to have accessories that help us dodge the attacks. A new button would have to be mapped to block, and what would be better suited than the right mouse click?

I’ve never checked out PvP in Terraria, but I’m sure that there could be some usefulness for shields there as well. Overall, it just seems like a great missed opportunity for the game thus far.

5. Wandering NPCs
The problem I have with Terraria’s worlds is that they feel so artificial and dead. You’ll just keep bumping into slime after slime after slime until reaching the corruption or ocean. Why not break up the repetitive journeying by adding in a few randomly spawned NPCs. There could be lost merchants, minstrels who will play music for you (could affect the behavior/mood of nearby monsters), aggressive bandits, or why not knights and/or mercenaries who will be your companion for a modest sum of gold coins?

If there were NPCs to interact with, at least non-essential ones that we haven’t worked hard to lure into our towns, wouldn’t exploring feel a little more entertaining? Imagine if you were digging underground and you randomly found a miner… Or a fisherman at the ocean or along a lake. The world doesn’t have to be completely barren and devoid of life and I think this would really spice things up a bit.

4. Earlier Magic
As it stands now, it can take a bit of time to get magic. I haven’t even found any spells yet myself. This is a little awkward because the game let’s us essentially play as archers and warriors off the bat, but not mages? Why not? There should be a few accessible spells at the start, or even give each character a tiny bit of mana and a basic spell at the start. Maybe a weak fireball or something.

What I’m saying is that Terraria should cater to the crowd who will want to play as magicians. As it stands now, it takes too much time to even get any spells. Something should be done about this in my opinion.

3. Snakes & Spiders
I’ve been clammering for snakes and spiders to be added ever since I first played Terraria. Snakes could come in several varieties, each with their own helpful drops such as snake fangs, scales, or venom. There are a lot of possibilities here. Cobras in the jungles, rattlesnakes in the deserts, vipers underground or in the corruption… Snakes would be a great addition.

As for spiders, I’d love to see them underground. They could jet around like the worms do only they obviously wouldn’t pass through walls. It would be cool to see them leave web in their wake as well that they could try to trap the player in. Of course, the player could just harvest the web instead. Spiders could kind of be farmed in this regard, and it would make the whole hunt for cobweb a little less annoying.

2. Snow Biome
I’ve been dying to see this! The only new biome in the 1.1 patch is one that appears after you beat the Wall of Flesh and enter the so called “hard mode” of the game. It doesn’t even sound like a terribly exciting biome, as all it does is serve as a counter to the spreading corruption. Woohoo.

A snow biome could be available right at the beginning and could have high peaks, dangerous monsters, and new ores. Imagine being on a snowy cliffside in the middle of a blizzard as you’re trying to mine titanium ore. While you’re doing this, you have to simultaneously fend off a harpy in the sky and a yeti behind you. Wouldn’t that be great? If anything, it would just be cool to see and would also fulfill what I want most in Terraria, and that is…

1. Weather Effects
You know you want this too. Random rain storms, lighting flashes, blizzards… Maybe even hurricanes that affect gravity and will push the player backwards if they are standing idle above ground. Hurricanes could also randomly spawn debris flying through the air (I’d expect to see a lot of slimes).

The chipper happy day time theme that we have now could become the “sunny day” music, and the developers could add themes that would play when it’s a rainy day (similar to the sunny day theme but a little more subdued). It could really help add to the immersion if there’s about a ten percent chance of it raining each day and/or night. Blizzards could appear in the above snow biome and sandstorms could show up in deserts. As for hurricanes? They would probably be most common near the shore.

Anyway, those are my ideas. Hopefully the developers decide to eventually add one of these ideas. While adding a post game “hard mode” and levers/switches were good ideas in their own right, they just don’t feel like mandatory additions. Rather than making some kind of super boss in the underworld that activates a hard mode, the developers should be working on adding new areas for players to work through for progression. There’s a lot of overworld and underworld that could be utilized, so why not take advantage of it all?