Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Review)


I’ve long been a fan of the Tekken series. I remember, many years ago, when I first laid my eyes on a demo of Tekken 2. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was one of the last times I’d ever be able to use one of the most influential characters in the franchises’s history, Jun Kazama. Continue reading


Harada Chooses Quitting Over Paid DLC

Long time Tekken producter Katsuhiro Harada has been extremely vocal over the past year against paid DLC. Harada has spoken up again on the matter and even said something surprising that may eventually result in him choosing to step away from Namco. Check out what he had to say below. Continue reading

Tekken Tag 2: Four More Characters

Namco revealed four more additional characters that will appear in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Prototype Jack returns from the original Tekken, Alex returns from Tekken 2, while Forest Law and Tiger Jackson return from Tekken 3. Continue reading

New Tekken Tag 2 Trailer

A new trailer has been revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There’s a slight problem though… it’s in Japanese. Despite this fact, those of us who aren’t Japanese can still pick out some interesting facts from the following trailer.

So what does the new trailer highlight?

  • Customization: Though we already knew that it was in long ago, the trailer showcases a little bit of the customization menu in the game.
  • Fight Lab: The cool character building/training mode starring Combot is shown off a bit in the trailer.
  • Forest Law?: Marshall’s son is a possible console exclusive character due to Marshall’s name appearing as Marshall Law during fights rather than just Law.
  • Game Modes: Arcade Battle, Ghost Battle, Survival, Team Battle, and Time Attack are all in the game in addition to the obvious Practice and Versus game modes.
  • Online Features: Leaderboards, Player Match, Ranked Match, Tekken Channel and World Arena make up the online mode of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

A new English trailer will probably appear soon as well (hopefully showing off the other unrevealed console exclusive characters), so keep your eyes peeled!

SoulCalibur V to Feature Assassin’s Creed Guest Characters

It appears that we now know who will appear in SoulCalibur V as guest characters. This picture (as well as the title of the post which gives it all away) will say more than enough.

Ezio Auditore has indeed been leaked by someone who attended a recent SC5 showing at an event (New York Comic-Con maybe?). No other Assassin’s Creed characters have leaked, but we can probably be sure that we’ll at least get 2-3 in total.

Soul Calibur V


Namco Bandai recently announced Soul Calibur V which will mark a new generation for the series. By “new generation,” remember how Street Fighter 3 did away with everyone except Akuma, Chun-Li, Ken, and Ryu and filled the rest of the roster with new faces? With this game taking place seventeen years after SC5, that is what we should expect with Soul Calibur 5.

It has been confirmed that Siegfried is no longer the main character. Instead, Sophitia’s son Patroklos (odd name…) will be the main protagonist. He is said to play like an improved version of Sophitia. This makes it seem likely that Patroklos will completely replace Sophitia ingame, which could also allow Sophie’s sister Cassandra to develop a more unique moveset.

Siegfried is still around, but is nearly 40 years old and is not the wielder of Soul Calibur.

It is said that most characters who wielded single long swords before will now adopt dual short swords… Or at least something like it. Not sure what this means just yet.

In terms of gameplay, the game’s producers has said that it will be lighter, sharper, and more elegant. Combos will be easier to create and pull off. There will be less of a “wait” between moves, which makes it sound as if SC5 will be a very fast paced game.

It has been confirmed that SC5 will also include guest characters (hopefully not as out of place as Star Wars fighters) and the character creation system will return again.

There is no release date and no gameplay screenshots yet, but Bandai Namco has stated that we will be getting a good amount of information at E3 this June. Stay tuned!