Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Select Screen

At AOU 2011, there were several Tekken Tag Tournament 2 machines on location for play purposes. Several people snagged videos of gameplay in action, but that’s not what I was interested in.

What I wanted to see was this:

Click to enlarge.

That is the character select screen in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and all characters minus Jun Kazama and True Ogre are present.

I’ve taken it upon myself to put together the character select screen in a more visually friendly manner. Click the image below to check out how the characters are arranged on the screen.

Click to enlarge.

Note: Jun Kazama and True Ogre are not on the select screen. In their place are two blank boxes. Which box belongs to which character is yet to be determined, but it’s fairly obvious that they belong to Jun and Ogre. I just plopped them on whatever side I felt made sense. I placed True Ogre on the right vacant block because it is just above Jinpachi. Since Namco is grouping a few characters together on the screen (Christie and Eddy, Armor King and King, etc.) I felt that it only made sense.

So, unless Namco has some surprises in store for us, it’s very safe to say that this is the final roster excluding any surprise final boss. Sorry Kunimitsu fans. 😦

Here is how the characters are arranged…

Top Left: Kuma, Baek, Lei, Nina, Marduk, Paul, Raven, Feng, Kazuya, Lars, Jun

Bottom Left: Panda, Mokujin, Jack, Bryan, Eddy, Christie, Xiaoyu, Devil Jin, Leo, JayCee, Heihachi

Top Right: True Ogre, Alisa, Jin, Dragunov, Armor King, King, Bob, Anna, Law, Ganryu, Roger

Bottom Right: Jinpachi, Miguel, Zafina, Lili, Asuka, Hwoarang, Lee, Steve, Bruce, Yoshimitsu, Wang

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Jun & True Ogre Images

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is shaping to be a very interesting game. Jun Kazama, mother of Jin, is returning as well as Tekken 3’s intimidating final boss True Ogre.

Katsuhiro Harada, producer of the Tekken series, had a little fun over the weekend by showing off a few pictures of Jun and one of True Ogre. He also posted a video of Devil Kazuya (!!!) on his Twitter. It appears that Kazuya’s Devil form may be nothing more than an item move, but it’s still awesome to see Devil Kazuya back in some form or another.

Here’s the video of Devil Kazuya.

Here’s True Ogre’s test model.

And here is the reason everyone probably ended up at this article: Jun Kazama!

My thoughts? Devil Kazuya is a little ho-hum, as I would rather see a complete model of the character and not just wings being tacked onto Kazuya. True Ogre is looking pretty cool, and he definitely gives off a “this is what nightmares are made of” sort of vibe.

Jun is looking very cool so far, and I’m digging the whole older and mature look. Finally, Tekken gets a female fighter who is older than thirty! Can’t wait to see what moveset Jun has since Asuka stole all of her old moves when she came along in Tekken 5.

There is also JayCee, who is heavily speculated to be Julia Chang. The belief that it’s Julia is a pretty solid case, since JayCee wears Julia’s necklace and has several of her moves.

Devil Kazuya, JayCee, Jun, and True Ogre look set to make Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a very enjoyable fighter. Heck, even Jun would’ve been enough on her own to please the fans. All the game needs now is Kunimitsu. Given how the Tekken Tag games include all canon characters, I think that it’s pretty safe to assume that she’ll show her face (er, mask) at some point. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

For anyone who missed the recent trailer that revealed Jun and True Ogre, here it is again.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Jun Returns!

Namco released a new Tekken Tag 2 trailer today at the 2011 AOU Amusement Expo. The trailer shows off lots of gameplay, as well as the return of character customization.

The identity of the mysterious Jaycee girl, who many believe is Julia Chang, wasn’t touched upon much, though Jun Kazama and True Ogre are present in the trailer. This is the first time that the two characters will appear in a Tekken game since the first Tekken Tag Tournament game several years ago.

Namco VS Capcom?

NOTE: The information in this article is outdated. Click here for my post on Street Fighter X Tekken.

So, a lot of buzz seems to be going around that Namco and Capcom will be making a VS game, possibly even Street Fighter VS Tekken. This is definitely one of the most unusual VS games I’ve ever heard of! Capcom’s fighters play so differently from Namco’s own fighters that combining the two just sounds like a really difficult task for either company to successfully pull off. It is being said that the game would be developed more by Namco than Capcom, so perhaps the Street Fighter characters will be stripped of their projectiles?

Arcade UFO, which is supposedly one of the most respected arcades for competitive gaming, tweeted the following recently.

“A little birdie tells us Namco vs Capcom will be announced next Saturday. It’s Namco, so it will certainly be in arcades.”

Meanwhile many in the tournament scene, specifically those attending EVO, have reported that two senior members from each company (Capcom and Namco) took to the stage together at EVO. The two senior members were none other than Katsuhiro Harada, the mastermind behind Tekken, and Yoshinori Ono, the badass Capcom guy who revived the Street Fighter franchise.

Things are definitely looking good, and apparently this game was rumoured as far back as E3! With this story picking up a lot of steam now, an official announcement can’t be far off. Will it truly be July 24 like Arcade UFO predicts?

Jin versus Ryu, Guile versus Paul, Chun-Li versus Asuka, or M. Bison versus Heihachi? Or even Jack versus Zangief!? Oh, please let this happen! As a huge fan of both series (though I’m slightly more partial to Tekken), I truly would love to see this happen. Here’s hoping!


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The Decline of Need for Speed

The Need for Speed series has been respected and revered as one of the best arcade racing franchises ever developed. It has the numbers to back it up as well, as Need for Speed is the fifth best selling video game franchise of all time, behind only Mario, Pokemon, Tetris, and The Sims.

Despite achieving such success, the series has developed a bit of a bad reputation among reviewers and the general public alike over the past few years by repeatedly releasing games in the series which share very few common similarities except rushed development times and generally poor reviews.

Generally, the Need for Speed franchise is losing more steam as it continues to evolve into the unstoppable beast of the racing game genre, pumping out at least two games a year now. To reflect the decline in the games’ quality, here are the metascores for each Need for Speed game in chronological order, oldest to newest.

The Need for Speed – N/A (8.3 from Gamespot)
Need for Speed II – 71
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit – 88
Need for Speed: High Stakes – 86
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed – 78
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit II – 89
Need for Speed: Underground – 85
Need for Speed: Underground 2 – 82
Need for Speed: Most Wanted – 82
Need for Speed: Carbon – 74
Need for Speed: ProStreet – 62
Need for Speed: Undercover – 59
Need for Speed: Nitro – 68
Need for Speed: SHIFT – 84

With the exception of SHIFT’s success, the Need for Speed series has almost been in a steady decline since 2002. That is eight years of Need for Speed titles being consistently worse, barely even ranking above “average” since ProStreet in 2007.

Two more games in the Need for Speed franchise will be released this year. The first, due out next month, is Need for Speed World, a PC MMO. From what I understand, a beta began quite recently and the general consensus is that the game is unfortunately very bad. A low metascore is pretty much a sure thing with NFS World, unfortunately.

The second game coming this year may help get the staggering series back strongly on two feet (or four wheels?). Currently titled Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, it is the third game in the Hot Pursuit sub-series. The previous two Hot Pursuit titles scored 88 and 89 on Metacritic, the two highest scores that the series has received on the ranking and scoring website.

Electronic Arts is playing it smart with Hot Pursuit III. They know what works and what the core fans of the series enjoys most, and that’s the Hot Pursuit aspect of the franchise. While Carbon, ProStreet, Undercover and Nitro were interesting experiments, they can be considered failures due to being the lowest scoring games in the series since Need for Speed II, a thirteen year old game that hadn’t even found it’s footing or decided yet what it wanted to be.

Hot Pursuit III, ultimately, will be the game that decides whether or not Need for Speed will continue to be successful in the long term. NFS World will inevitably bomb judging by the comments by beta testers, and if Hot Pursuit III follows suit, then I’m afraid that Need for Speed’s time will almost be over.

If the new Hot Pursuit works out and happens to be a success, I truly hope that Electronic Arts will see the light and base all future Need for Speed games on the Hot Pursuit formula. After all, it has worked pretty darn well for the two games based around it.

To conclude the post, here are videos of Hot Pursuit, Hot Pursuit II, and what I assume will be named Hot Pursuit III. It’s quite cool to play them all at the same time and check out how the series has evolved in terms of gameplay and graphics.

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MotorStorm: Apocalypse Revs Up!

As a huge fan of the second MotorStorm (didn’t play the first!), I’m really looking forward to Apocalypse simply because I can’t wait to see how MotorStorm’s racing will work in a crumbling city.

Yes, the Apocalypse subtitle can be taken very literally, as the third MotorStorm takes place in a city that is falling apart. It’s been said that the city is crumbling due to a natural disaster, but that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What’s important in MotorStorm is, of course, blindingly fast arcade offroad racing. Wait, it’s not really offroad anymore, is it?

Apocalypse sounds like it will be more chaotic than the previous games. Some unruly people remain in the city and will fight in the streets and also steal vehicles on the side of the road which they’ll use to ram the racers. Combined with the fact that we’ll see buildings crumbling in real time and creating obstacles, it sounds like Apocalypse is going to have a whole lot going on at all screens and may be very, very overwhelming.

Multiplayer sounds pretty decent so far. Local multiplayer will support up to four players, who can all go online together if they wish. The online component itself will apparently have some form of a “game mode creator” which will allow the host to tinker with tons of race rules. I’m not exactly sure what kind of rules or how we’ll be able to have our own game modes, but I’m certainly interested in this aspect of the game and want to hear more about it.

Despite how neat MotorStorm Apocalypse sounds, we will unfortunately have to wait until next year to play it. In the mean time, we’ll just have to wait for more details to leak out, and next week’s E3 should be the perfect setting for that to happen.

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