Tekken Tag 2: Four More Characters

Namco revealed four more additional characters that will appear in the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Prototype Jack returns from the original Tekken, Alex returns from Tekken 2, while Forest Law and Tiger Jackson return from Tekken 3. Continue reading


My MvC3 Roster Predictions

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With Gamescom starting up in four days, and Capcom confirming that new MvC3 characters will be shown off at the event, I think it’s time to throw out my roster predictions.

At the moment, I believe that we have forty percent of the final roster revealed. VS games typically have large rosters, so it should be expected that MvC3 will be no different. It has been stated that the game will have “at least” thirty characters. I’ve listed thirty six.

Capcom has indicated that, at Gamescom, they will reveal some characters that permeate a “classic MvC aura.” This implies that few new characters will be shown off at Gamescom, if any. It looks likely that we’ll be seeing characters from MvC1 and MvC2 being revealed.

So, I’ve taken this possibility into account and have formed my own roster that I’d love to see. I’ve separated the confirmed characters from unconfirmed below. Please not that the characters in the “my guesses” portion of the article are not confirmed. A few of them are extremely likely (Viewtiful Joe, for example) while two or three are probably not too likely to appear. Anyhow, here are the characters who have been revealed.


Chris Redfield

Captain America
Doctor Doom
Iron Man

So that’s the sixteen characters revealed so far. With my ideal roster size being thirty six, it leaves twenty open slots. Below are my guesses. Some characters below are being rumoured to be in by almost everybody (Frank West, Spiderman) while others aren’t really being mentioned by anyone and are just my personal preferences (Alex, Mister Sinister).

My Guesses

Alex – SF3 needs at least one rep!
Arthur – Classic character, not given the attention he deserves.
Captain Commando – One of the MvC mainstays.
Frank West – Appearance in TvC increases his chances of being in MvC3.
Ken – Appears alongside Ryu in most games. Was in MvC2.
Mega Man X – There is always a Mega Man in VS games. Fans are begging for X.
Strider Hiryu – One of the MvC mainstays.
Viewtiful Joe – Basically confirmed. His silhouette is visible.
Zangief – MvC needs a grappler. Was in MvC2.
Zero – Appearance in TvC increases his chances of being in MvC3.

Cyclops – Popular Marvel character. Was in MvC2.
Iceman – Well known X-Men character. Was in MvC2.
Magneto – The face of X-Men villains. Was in MvC2.
Mister Sinister – Fairly well known X-Men villain. Why not?
Morbius – Peculiar Spiderman villain. A vampiric character would be interesting.
Nightcrawler – Fairly popular. His abilities would make him pretty unique.
Psylocke – Mandatory female character. Was in MvC1 as assist, and playable in MvC2.
Spiderman – Basically confirmed. Also a MvC mainstay.
Storm – Mandatory female character. Was in MvC1 as assist, and playable in MvC2.
War Machine – Beloved character from the previous two MvC titles.

I would have loved to add a Breath of Fire representative to the list since I love the series to death, but let’s be realistic. Capcom has never even had anything vaguely related to Breath of Fire in any MvC game yet. No assists, characters in stage backgrounds, or anything. Face it, two foot tall robots that nobody likes stand more of a chance.

I managed to correctly guess the entire SSF4 roster (I predicted the additions of Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Adon, Cody, Guy, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, and two new characters) so let’s see if my brain is still synchronized with Capcom’s creative minds.

Thirty six characters and twenty unconfirmed characters I’ve guessed.

Let’s see how many I get right!

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