Avengers Assemble Is Hilarious

As a guy who has grown a new appreciation for Marvel Comics over the last few years, I decided that writing an article on a web series called Avengers Assemble, which I stumbled upon last year, seemed like a great thing to do.

So, what is Avengers Assemble? Simply put, it is a parody series based primarily around Marvel’s Avengers. This means plenty of scenes featured Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. A lot of other characters appear from time to time ranging from Charles Xavier, Namor, and Wonder Man.

There’s obviously some kind of budget behind this series. While there isn’t too much that is impressive beyond well crafted costumes at the beginning, some nice special effects begin to appear as the series progresses. The acting is also pretty decent for what this is, and I’d easily have to say that rael life married couple Chris Burns (Hawkeye) and Miracole Burns (Ms. Marvel) steal the show, though Brian Godleski (Tony Stark) and Matthew Cornwell (Thor) also have some great moments as well.

Anyone who is a fan of Marvel’s Avengers, whether you’re a casual or diehard, really should check out Avengers Assemble. There are some scenes that are genuinely laugh out loud hilarious. While there are aren’t tons of episodes available to watch, quality over quantity is very much at work here.

You can watch the series on YouTube by clicking here.


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