Dexter Season 7 Footage at SDCC 2012

Two interesting bits of Dexter news have surfaced from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. First, a “sneak peek” teaser was revealed which basically ran through a bunch of episode stills at blinding speed. The good folks on YouTube knew quickly came to everyone’s rescue by slowing the teaser down enough for us to get a glimpse of every still. Check it out below.

Pretty interesting stuff, huh? There are a few intriguing moments in the teaser. Deb puking with Dexter nearby is probably some a scene where he reveals who he really is. Louis is featured a few times in the trailer, so thankfully we are aware that one of the few good aspects of the previous season will return. We also see a knife wielding mystery man sneaking in on a sleeping Deb. What could that mean?!

What tops this teaser, you ask? Simple, the first two minutes of the season premiere. It deals with precisely what everyone expected, though the outcome may not be what was predicted. The big question on my mind… is Deb really that stupid? Surely she’s going to put two and two together shortly after the following scene.

So, aside from the inevitable footage of the cast at Comic-Con, this is about all we’re going to be treated with until the promos begin in September sometime. Season 7 of Dexter will begin on September 30 at the usual 9:00 PM EST on Showtime and, in Canada, 10:00 PM EST on The Movie Network.


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