The Secret World Update Plans

Developer Funcom has revealed their plans to update The Secret World each and every month with new content. This is something that is quite rare in the MMO world, as most updates are merely patches that fix problems. Funcom is taking a much more radical approach, and here’s what they have planned for the first update on July 31.

  • Monthly mission packs that will add new investigation missions to all adventure zones.
  • New weapons. The first weapon hinted at is an auxiliary device that makes big explosions. M79 or RPG, perhaps?
  • Raid content. The first is set to be in New York with the tagline “the Big Apple will never be the same again.”
  • Additional character customization options including plastic surgery.
  • A dungeon finder tool for players to quickly and easily find groups for instances.
  • A PvP dungeon that is set in an entirely new geographical region.
  • Ingame seasonal events that will reflect real life holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.
  • Two brand new PvE adventure zones full of new missions and completely new monsters.
  • New features in London’s Albion which will help to enhance immersion and social elements for roleplayers.
  • Brand new pets! Funcom is planning “surprises” for pet owners.
  • Further refinements to the combat system in the game.

Sounds promising! As a TSW player, I can’t wait for this update. Funcom is really aiming to put Bioware, Blizzard, and Trion in their places with these updates.


2 thoughts on “The Secret World Update Plans

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