Detecting Cheaters in Torchlight 2

Runic Games’ technical artist Adam Perin recently explained what the team is doing to help legit Torchlight 2 players weed out cheating players from their games. It all sounds like a pretty cool system that allows a lot of control on the part of the players.

“Just to elaborate, yes your character is stored locally. Yes there will most likely be cheaters because of this. The benefit is you can play the same character online and offline without having to retreave the character save, as well as a bunch of other benefits. We hope that by giving the user tools they will be able to decide to avoid playing with cheaters. If you block another player in game they won’t be able to join any game you are in and it blocks their whole account not just the character you initially blocked.

“Also Greg has been adding some useful tools to tell if a player is possibly a cheater. They are based around comparing your install data to see if the character you are playing with has reasonable save data such as, the correct stats and skill points for a levels, a reasonable amount of time played for their level, as well as other attributes. This information will be used to tell you if the game thinks they are a possible cheater and then you can choose to play with them or simply block them.”

Sounds like avoiding cheaters will be a painless and rewarding process in Torchlight 2. Good on Runic!

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