Terraria’s Blue To Create New RPG Maker

After the recent falling apart of Re-Logic which resulted in Terraria’s development being permanently halted, the staffers all went their own ways. Chief coder Redigit is taking time off to concentrate on family life, and graphics artist Tiy is working on an interesting new game, but there’s one other fellow we grew to knew the name of on Terraria Online as he frequented posted exciting updates. Former Terraria Production Manager Jeremy Guerrette (more commonly known as Blue) has made an interesting decision recently. What is that decision? He wants to make an RPG development engine that will require no coding knowledge to use.

Blue's mockup of how his maker's database may look.
Blue’s mockup of how his maker’s database may look.

Blue is currently searching for coders to assist him in bringing his vision to life. He has reached out to a site I frequent, RMN (RPG Maker Network), and has asked for assistance there. Click here to head on over to RMN and hear from the man himself.

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