Sideshow Collectibles’ Awesome Products

I recently found out about Sideshow Collectibles when browsing for birthday gifts online. How I ended up going from cats to three foot tall Predator statues is beyond me, but it happened!

Sideshow Collectibles offers a really impressive range of busts, dioramas, and figurines tgat are of amazing quality. The detail is, simply put, astonishing. Naturally a high price tag accompanies superior quality, so it’s hardly a surprise that Sideshow Collectibles’ products will set you back a few bucks.

Here are a few pretty nice pictures of some of their products.


Check out Sideshow Collectibles’ amazing full product on their website by clicking here. If you have a nice amount of extra cash laying around, then you may be able to snag a pretty cool gift for someone on their site!

2 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles’ Awesome Products

  1. Wow, that Johnny Depp statue is amazing! The Avatar one (can’t remember her name in it… looks great too. Would love to know how much these actually cost!

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