Heroes & Generals Info Round-Up

Heroes & Generals is inevitably getting closer and closer to completion, so it only seems fair to spread word of the game a little more!

It is nothing that Heroes & Generals is being made by Reto-Moto, a team that used to be a part of Eidos and was an essential factor in the development of the Hitman series. Reto-Moto is no longer a part of Eidos anymore and are trying to establish a new identity for themselves. Heroes & Generals, a massively ambitious free to play strategy/shooter, looks to be how they intend on establishing that identity. According to Reto-Moto, Heroes & Generals is as follows.

Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massive Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign that takes place in the European theater of war during World War II where Axis and Allies fight for control. Players can choose to play as ‘Heroes’ fighting in the trenches or take a step back and manage battlefield assets, amy units and reinforcements as ‘Generals’. The war is fought out continuously across Windows, iOS and Android devices, and the result of every clash and battle alters the scope of the ongoing war campaign and might affect the final outcome. Every conflict takes place across diverse battlegrounds including contested cities, factories and airfields, each one represented on the strategic map.

The core of the game is a team-based first-person shooter. The player can engage in combat using a variety of customizable weapons and vehicles such as tanks and fighter planes. The game is classless and instead the characters’ equipment determine what type of soldier they will play as. For example putting on a pilot suit will make the character a pilot, but at the same time limit their weapon selection to smaller firearms that can fit in a cockpit.

Each battle in the Action Game is played in a single instance where players fight each other in one of a variety of maps ranging from huge open battlefields covered in trenches to small contested cities with intense close quarters combat. Each map features multiple game modes.

The Action Game can be played alone or in groups called Assault Teams. Assault Teams can be customized and upgraded with special equipment that benefits the entire group and gives the leading ‘General’ a greater chance of success on The Strategic Layer.

The action-game extends into a strategic top layer that binds the individual FPS sessions into a larger war. On the strategic level players are able to command other players or entire groups in Assault Teams into combat. On top of that the strategic players have to manage resources and reinforcements in order to secure key locations on the battle map.

Each part of the game can be played separately and are designed to be enjoyable for everyone no matter how deeply they wish to be involved in the war. Heroes & Generals unique combination of FPS and Strategy gameplay allows players to participate in the grand online war at hugely different levels. Once-a-week FPS gamers can play alongside hardcore 10-hours-aday master strategists, and all players play their role in the grand war.

Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play game and offers a rich experience for everyone who plays the game. Players can choose to spend in-game credits on special upgrades for the players personal characters (Personal F2P) or their Assault Teams giving benefits to other players as well (Social F2P). In-game credits can be earned by being active in the game, completing FPS missions and controlling Assault Teams, or they can be purchased with real world money.

Reto-Moto strives to make a balanced design in all the game-influencing items. One example is the Weapon Modification system: All weapon modifiers will be balanced, so that you may choose to increase, for instance, precision for a weapon, but at the cost of decreasing, for instance, range. This means that you’ll not be able to get one golden super-weapon which is just better than all other weapons, but instead you’ll have an extremely specialized weapon, which is really good at certain things.

There will also be an perk-system where you, based on your actions, can earn Ribbons, which can be combined into Badges. Badges will give you certain perks, but you can only wear a few Badges at the time. Ribbons and Badges cannot be bought for any currency though.

Reto-Moto also offer a Premium Subscription to accommodate wishes of having an all-inclusive package, where you earn in-game credits at an increased rate, all your characters can wear two combat badges instead of one, you earn combat ribbons and badges faster, and more.

Heroes & Generals is build for multiple platforms all connected to the same massive universe. The action part of the game is playable on PC, and the strategy part of the game is accessible on PC and iOS/Android through the free app Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command. In the first version of the app, players will be able to get a live overview of the Campaign showing enemy and friendly Assault Teams movements, and the build-in chat client they allows them to stay in touch with their brothers in arms 24/7 from virtually anywhere. In the next version of Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command players will be able to move and manage Assault Teams in the app as well.

The Action part of Heroes & Generals is powered by the custom build Retox engine. The graphics engine is designed specifically towards online gameplay minimizing downloads and supporting frequent updates. Retox offers full blown AAA graphics and is capable of running in a web browser (IE, Chrome and Firefox supported) using DX11 for high end PC’s and DX9 for lower spec PC’s.

I was invited to try out an alpha version of Heroes & Generals. I’d like to say that I played the heck out of this game and have a lot of info for my readers, but unfortunately my schedule has been incredibly hectic this week. To top it off, Heroes & Generals is predominantly a first person shooter which isn’t my preferred genre of choice. Let’s just say that the whole “couldn’t hit the blind side of a barn” analogy very much applies to me in shooters. I’m just plain bad at them when it comes to facing off against other humans, which is precisely what this ambitious game is all about.

Heroes & Generals, a 3D shooter with strategy elements is, surprisingly, played in your browser. The developers advised me that the alpha version that I was going to try would likely be unstable and that errors were to be expected, but fortunately I didn’t encounter a single problem of any kind while playing which reflects quite positively on Reto-Moto. Despite the early stage of development that this game is in, it’s still quite playable. The full game, which will be free to play, will probably be quite robust.

Unfortunately I didn’t spend a great deal of time with the strategy side of Heroes & Generals, which involves moving units across a map of Western Europe to dictate advances as you fight for power. When opposing sides (Allied Forces and Axis Forces) meet on the map, a first person shooter conflict ensues. I opted to mostly immerse myself in the first person shooter aspect of the game. The first location I selected to spawn in was originally deserted, so I had a few moments to configure my controls and video settings. It is worth noting that Heroes & Generals is surprisingly customizable for a browser game. While it obviously does not have graphics that rival current generation shooters, it looks very nice for something that is free to play. I was very surprised by the draw distance in this game, as I was able to spot other players from quite a distance.

Once several players on both teams spawn in a game, things can get quite interesting. There are many areas to hide in and get the jump on opponents, and I found the maps in Heroes & Generals to have far more strategic locations to use to your advantage than many retail shooters such as those found in the Call of Duty or Battlefield games. I’m usually pretty stealthy and like to lurk around maps as a way to compensate for my relatively poor aiming skills, and I was very impressed to find that Heroes & Generals was very accommodating to me. I still didn’t pull off any nice kills on other players, but the whole idea of ducking and hiding among various buildings and objects littering the game world and using them to work my way into a nice and sneaky position for an ambush was still lots of fun. I expect this to be a very enjoyable game when large scale battles occur.

Reto-Moto held a gaming session with those who they designated as media/press. Unfortunately I had to tend to personal matters and couldn’t make it, so I wasn’t able to get their insight on the game. Regardless, it’s clear that they are putting a lot of love into this game and it certainly shows. Provided word of this game gets around, I expect Heroes & Generals to have a pretty devout and faithful following when it is ready for public release.

Watch for Heroes & Generals to be released and free to play later this year.

Minimum System Requirements:
● 2GHz CPU w. SSE3 instruction set- dual-core recommended
● 1.5 GB RAM – 2 or more recommended
● ATI HD 2600 or above (with >256mb RAM)
● Nvidia 8600GT or above (with >256mb RAM)
● Windows XP, Vista or 7

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