Carol Danvers’ New Role

So Carol Danvers, one of Marvel’s leading ladies, is getting a bit of a makeover this year.

As many know, Ms. Marvel’s backstory prominently features Captain Marvel, a character that I never particularly cared much for. His design was way too cheesy looking and his costume just ruined any appeal I could have found in him. It’s not uncommon to be turned away from a character because they look bad, and that was the case here.

Anyway, Carol Danvers always looked superb in her newer Ms. Marvel outfit. Aside from being a nice treat for male fans, it was always a very flashy and recognizable costume. There was no mistaking Ms. Marvel for anyone else. It defined her as much as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man costume or Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor.

Marvel has decided to follow a new story for Carol which will see her abandon her title of Ms. Marvel in favour of becoming the new Captain Marvel. This is where the makeover part comes in. Feast your eyes on her new look.

I’ll be extremely blunt and say that I don’t like it at all. She looks far less intimidating now as well as extremely generic. There are no parts to her new look that grabs you and holds onto you. The costume is as bland as they come and her new hairstyle just feels completely out of place after Carol sported long flowing hair for so long.

Seriously, why mess with a good thing? What was wrong with this (aside from ridiculously large breasts)?

Ah well, perhaps this will only be a temporary change. Only time will tell!


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