Game of Thrones – Season 2 Premiere Review

So! It’s been almost twelve hours since the season premiere of Game of Thrones and I have to say I came away from it very impressed! The only jaw dropping moments came in the final minutes of the episode, but that is in no way saying that the rest of the episode was worse. It was all very, very, good.

Where to start? Perhaps with the fact that now everyone knows the truth about Joffrey and that he is a Lannister? As much as I hate Joffrey, I do feel a little bad for him because even he knows the truth now, but he seems a little torn on whether or not to believe it. When he confronted his mother about it only to have her slap him, I was blown away when he said that she had committed a crime punishable by death. He said this to his own mother! Cersei, you’ve created a monster!

I was excited about Tyrion being in King’s Landing, but now I’m worried. We know how he treats Joffrey, and if the Boy King is willing to treat his mother with such disregard then what could be in store for Tyrion? I expect that Tyrion is too smart to try anything drastic, and I doubt that he’ll be slapping Joffrey left and right again any time soon.

Sansa’s role was quite minor in the season premiere, but it was still nice to see her save that poor fighter from being executed. She’s definitely very submissive right now, isn’t she? No doubt she knows what will happen if she says a single word that upsets Joffrey and wants to avoid more beatings! I can’t help but feel bad for her as she is stuck in King’s Landing and is surrounded by Lannisters, the very people who are offing her family members left and right. I can’t imagine she’ll be stuck them forever, but how will she manage to get away? I’m very interesting in seeing how she could possibly escape.

Robb had a few good scenes. I especially liked his little meeting with Jaime Lannister. Robb wasn’t able to get through to Jaime too easily, at least until his dire wolf decided to wander into Jaime’s makeshift cell. It was great to see Jaime almost wetting himself as Robb’s gigantic pooch got right up in his face! I’ve never seen Jaime look so uneasy before, it was a great sight.

Daenerys didn’t have any stellar scenes throughout the episode, but it was still really great to see one of the dragons making itself at home on her shoulder as it looked all around and roared as hard as it could with its little set of lungs. I also appreciated her scene with Jorah in which she truly conveyed how much she relied on him. The two definitely share a very close bond and I’m glad to see Jorah sticking with her through thick and thin after his original objective was to do nothing more than merely spy and report his findings to Varys.

The highlight of the episode was, without a doubt, the introduction of Stannis. Right off the bat he made it very clear that he didn’t love Robert as a brother and that his only desire now was to become a conquerer. He is the living definition of cold and ruthless, and I can’t wiat to see more of him. Davos and Melisandre (the latter not being named on-screen yet) are also looking like pretty cool characters. Davos reminded me a bit of Jorah in some ways, but I’m sure that there’s a good amount of individuality to Davos’ character.

As far as the sets are concerned, I was really impressed with Dragonstone! The interiors were so dark and moody, conveying everything that the directors wanted to inject upon their audiences’ imaginations. I was also very fond of Iceland’s frozen vistas being used for the scenes shot north of the Wall.

Overall it’s a bit hard for me to focus on anything to speak about because the episode jumped around so many times due there being such an insane number of characters to follow. Because of this, I didn’t write anything at all about Jon Snow or Bran, though they each had interesting scenes (Jon being north of the Wall, Bran having a dream about being a wolf).

It will be interesting to see how the Lannisters’ hunt for Gendry progresses. After all of Robert’s bastard children were seemingly slaughtered by soldiers, the former blacksmith’s apprentice is the only one who still seems to be safe and sound. The Lannisters have discovered that Gendry left with the Night’s Watch though, which is an interesting revelation. They’re going to try and hunt him down, but will that even work? If they successfully track Gendry down, they’ll also come face to face with Arya as well. Will Yoren allow the Lannisters to lay a hand on Arya or Gendry? I can’t wait to see.

Next week can’t come soon enough… But it sure beats waiting ten months!

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