What is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

What is Star Wars: The Old Republic? It is a new MMORPG by Canadian developer Bioware, makers of Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and other popular series. The Old Republic is a spiritual sequel to their “Knights of the Old Republic” RPGs in the sense that it is set around the same time in Star Wars lore which means that The Old Republic takes place about 1000 years before the film saga.

The Old Republic borrows heavily from recent Bioware games. You can tell that they use the same 3D modelling crew, and general gameplay is similar (you an have conversations with NPCs and such). Of course there are tons of MMO mainstays since this an MMORPG, but you can tell by playing that this is a Bioware game. The good thing about this? Mass appeal. If you like Bioware, MMORPGs, RPGs in general, or Star Wars, then you’ll find something to like here.

Here are a few of what I feel are some of the stronger points of this game.

Choose Your Side: Do you want to be a good guy? Side with the Republic and be a Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, or Trooper. Or perhaps you feel like being evil? Join the Sith Empire and become a Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor, or Sith Warrior.

Companions: Imagine having a Dragon Age/Mass Effect party member with you at all times who is FULLY customizable and actually helpful! Smuggler characters even get a wookiee companion to mirror Han Solo and Chewbacca!

Developed Class System: All classes have their very own central story lines that are unique to them, so each class has different quests and objectives. Also, dual-class comes into play at level 10 which allows you to take on a secondary class role that enhances your abilities.

Flashpoints: Heavy story driven dungeons that allow four players to play through a scenario together and earn large amounts of experience and social points.

Friendly Atmosphere: Being a Star Wars fan is not required to enjoy this thorough and well designed MMORPG as it eases you into the Star Wars world and makes sure that there are dialoague options available for those who are unfamiliar with Star Wars terms such as Padawan or Sith.

Fully Voiced Experience: Every quest has fully voiced cutscenes. NPCs chatter all around you. The world of The Old Republic is brimming with life. Gone are long walls of text telling you to go kill ten boars (rinse and repeat)! Picking up quests is now a fun activity.

Gear Modding: There are tons of gear modification items that you can find which can be attached to armor and weapons which boost their stats. Go wild with combinations!

Large Worlds: While level 1-10 planets may not be too big (think regular sized WoW zones), planets beyond level 10 get significantly larger and have lots to see. Get ready to start checking your map often!

Lightsaber Modding: THey are fully customizable. Don’t like the glow colour you’ve got? Simple, buy a new colour crystal and go from boring yellow to rockin’ blue and start killing Sith in style.

Space Battles: Don’t feel like questing on a planet? Hop into your starship and head into space to do battle against other ships!

Speeder & Starship: You get your OWN FREAKING STARSHIP. That’s right, your own ship. Pilot it anywhere you want! Revisit past planets or journey to ones that you have no business whatsoever being on! You also get a speeder to allow you to zip around larger planets faster than you would by foot.

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