Dexter – Season 6 Finale (Review)

I won’t lie, season 6 of Dexter wasn’t always good. There were a few low points throughout the twelve episodes, but there were a few really great highs as well. The whole Brother Sam arc was very well done and I really enjoyed Dexter hunting the Tooth Fairy.

With that said… I was not a fan of the Nebraska episode since it just reeked of questionable writing. I also feel that they drew the whole Gellar thing out for too long. While Gellar seemed like an interesting character and potentially worthy as a villain, the fact that he was dead the whole time resulted in the character having very little time on screen and, when he did appear, he didn’t do a heck of a lot. This caused me to care less about Gellar even before the big reveal that he was dead occurred. The writers let that one go on for far too long.

And then there’s Debra’s feelings for Dexter which came completely out of left field. The whole dream kiss scene in the penultimate episode was pretty cringe-worthy, and I’m glad that Deb’s feelings were toned down a bit in the finale. She has certainly accepted that she is in love with Dexter (proving herself to be quite damaged mentally) and she’s come to the conclusion that she wants to tell him. Thankfully her psychiatrist made it clear to Deb that she can control her own feelings but she cannot control Dexter’s. I hope that this is a message from the writers that Dexter will not return Deb’s love. This episode made it pretty clear that he only loves her as a sister and anything else would feel tacked on just for the sake of pushing some kind of weird Deb and Dexter romance forward. I sincerely hope that the writers realize that a good majority of viewers do not want a relationship to form between the two. Poor Jeff Lindsay must be wondering what the writers are doing with his characters! They really are going out of their way to make sure the TV series cannot possibly follow anything in the books ever again, aren’t they?

I put off mentioning Travis until now, so I’ll talk a bit about him. I really felt that Colin Hanks amped up his acting a fair bit in the finale. While Travis isn’t the best villain in Dexter history, he was still pretty compelling in this episode as it was clear he was breaking down at a pretty remarkable rate. It takes a special kind of guy to talk to two clearly dead bodies that are soaking in their own blood. Obviously Travis is more gone than most of us anticipated. Anyway, great performance by Colin Hanks after Harrison was kidnapped. Travis was certainly a fitting big bad in the finale and I was glad to see him fully escape from the shadow of Gellar and stand on his own two feet.

A few minor things. Quinn survived the season! How many people were expecting him to get killed off? I thought he was going to go a few times, but we’ve still got him. Hopefully next season he’s a little more grounded and “over” Deb since that was ultimately the root of his bad behavior this season. I enjoyed seeing Angel basically turning his back to Quinn and, even though I feel bad for ol’ Joey, he really did bring it all on himself. Angel was right to say that he can’t trust Quinn anymore after he screwed up so many times throughout the course of the season. Almost costing Angel his life was obviously the biggest error on Quinn’s part. Hopefully he smartens up next season and the request that Angel put in to have Quinn transferred to another department does not go through.

I’ve obviously saved the biggest part for last. Deb seeing Dexter kill Travis. She didn’t just witness a simple killing, no. Deb saw Travis wrapped in plastic surrounded by quite a few kill tools and, of course, Dexter in his kill outfit with that pleased look on his face as he delivered the fatal stab to Travis. Dexter turns killing into a methodical art and now Deb is aware. She has seen it.

Debra. Saw. Dexter. Kill.

So we’ve finally been given the ending that we were cheated from getting last season and I couldn’t be more satisfied. There are a lot of questions that season 7 will have to answer such as how Deb handles the sight of Dexter performing what almost looked like a ritualistic killing. The whole deal with Louis and the prosthetic hand is also in the air. There is no doubt in my mind that Louis will be back for season 7 and will play a very important role in the development of the season.

All in all, a good end to a remarkably inconsistent season that bounced back and forth between being good and bad more times than I can count. It was a shaky ride, but the end was worth every second. Bring on season 7.

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6 thoughts on “Dexter – Season 6 Finale (Review)

  1. After runnng through all the possible outcomes for Season 7, there is only one solution that I can think of that works — After a couple soul-searching episodes where she nearly turns Dexter in, Deb will be killed in the line of duty by some crazed psycho, who Dexter must then hunt down for the rest of season. The killer will probably be Louis the intern, finishing what his father started and trying to get closer to his uncle Dexter. Dexter might actually disappear for an episode or two at the beginning to avoid being arrested, but then he’ll be free to come back to Miami and avenge Deb’s death.

    Supporting evidence —
    Anyone who ever found out who Dexter really is was killed or disappeared for good — ITK, Doakes, Miguel Prado, Trinity, Luna, etc.
    Deb is already so messed up that this will put her over the edge mentally and the they can’t let that go on for very long.

    • I’ll sigh as loud as a fog horn if Louis is somehow Brian’s son/Dexter’s nephew. That will be followed up by a facepalm so lethal that I will probably cave my face in.

  2. Honestly, I cannot even predict what will happen in the next season. This show has blindsided me so many times that I won’t even hazard a guess. I saw the whole Rudy/Brian thing coming, but Miguel Prado’s betrayl? Rita’s death? Deb seeing Dexter kill someone? I have to agree that with a few expceptions, the entire show has been amazing. I give special props to the moment where Dexter murders (Nick was it?) in the water and turns around to see that Brian as replaced Harry. This season got off to a slow start with the whole religious theme but by the time ‘This is the way the world end’ came along, I was fully amped for the finale. The dexter deb relationship thing is still a little wierd though. I would rather see Lumen return. I really like Lumen even though I could do without Julia Stiles’ overacting (the panic attacks for one). That said I can’t wait for Season Seven!

  3. I agree that Dexter has been intriguing not only for the unique premise of the show but for its unpredictability, and these are factors that most of us enjoy. The evolution of Dexter as a person has also been satisfying, and adds to his likability. HOWEVER, the “Deb in love with Dex” is disturbing to most of us because, even if they are not blood related, for the past six years we have accepted them as a unique brother and sister team, and therefore we are deeply repulsed by the “incest factor.” That the psychiatrist put the idea in Deb’s head shows a manipulative and dangerous aspect of psychiatric counseling, but that’s a better solution than having Deb and Dex in love and frolicking in sex scenes. I know I speak for many Dexter fans when I caution the writers not to go there. Finally, I wonder if anyone noticed the “American Gothic” scene (in Nebraska) when Dexter kills the hotel clerk with a pitchfork–I got a big kick out of that scene!

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