Dexter – SE06EP11 Talk to the Hand (Review)

I’m a big Dexter fan. I was even able to really enjoy season five despite the shoddy season finale it had. I’m even able to brush off all of Dexter’s Bond-esque escapes that he has been performing over the past two seasons because I know that TV shows are all about suspending reality and providing cheap entertainment. Clearly I’m a pretty big supporter of this show and can forgive it for any mistakes it can make. With that said, screw you Michelle Ross. No, seriously.

I honestly have no idea what the writers are trying to do with Michelle Ross (Deb’s psychiatrist), but to plant an incestuous seed in Deb’s head is absolutely ridiculous. Nobody is supporting the idea of Deb and Dexter falling in love or hooking up. They may not be related by blood, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing when the two characters have spent their entire lives calling each other siblings. Heck, Dexter is older than Deb so he has probably been there as her brother for her entire life There are some directions writers should never go in and, seriously, this is one of them. Deb and Dexter are brother and sister, end of story.

The very fact that Deb had a dream about kissing Dexter was almost too much to even handle. It was honestly cringe-worthy and, when it was revealed that she was just dreaming, I exclaimed quite loudly, “Thank god!” It still bothers me that the dream even happened, but at least that’s all it is at the moment. Anyway, I could probably keep going off about the whole Deb in love with Dexter thing for a few more paragraphs, but other things happened in “Talk to the Hand” which are worth discussing which were pretty enjoyable.

First off, LaGuerta. Will someone please kill her? I was wondering why she was cooperating with Matthews, but now I see why. She wasn’t on his side at all, she was just waiting for an opportunity to inform the higher ups about Matthews and the dead stripper and then make it look Deb ratted him out instead of her. Slimy bitch! I want her to end up on Dexter’s table somehow. I hate seeing LaGuerta walk all over others and I can’t stand her attitude. I guess congratulations are in order to Lauren Velez for making LaGuerta so utterly hateable.

Also why was Matthews so reluctant to believe that Deb was telling the truth when she said she didn’t rat him out? Has she ever exhibited any kind of backstabbing or dishonest in the office before? No, she hasn’t. After Deb tried to reinforce the fact that she didn’t say anything, I half expected Matthews to utter something like “Maria, that double crossing bitch!” Unfortunately he maintained his belief that it was Deb despite the fact that she said pretty firmly that it wasn’t her. I didn’t dislike this scene, but I will admit that it did seem a little uncharacteristic of Matthews to turn on Deb like that just for the sake of creating some kind of tension between them and making it seem as if all of Deb’s superiors are against her now. To have Matthews completely dismiss Deb’s claim that she didn’t rat him out just seemed odd, especially since it didn’t even give him pause given their history together. She thinks too highly of Matthews to rat him out and the whole thing just reeks of LaGuerta which I would have figured he would know, but I guess not.

It was nice to see Quinn finally realizing that he’s been a colossal screw up lately. His apology to Angel was definitely sincere and I feel like does want to get back on the right track. Hopefully Angel’s little speech about losing his respect for Quinn will help get him back in the groove of being one of Miami Metro’s better cops. Unfortunately it looks like Mike has stolen that position out from under Quinn’s feet so who knows what’s in store for Quinn. I doubt we’ll see him get axed since the finale looks set to deal with Dexter more than anyone else, so Quinn should be safe at least until next October.

And how about Wormwood? That was probably the best part of the episode. Seeing Beth getting ready to release Wormwood in the homicide department was really suspenseful, but thankfully Dexter recognized her at the last minute and was able to save quite a lot of lives. This was a nice scene and it was cool to see Dexter looking into Doomsday Adam and seeing a picture of Beth, whom he has just walked by a moment later. The expression on Dexter’s face as he realized what was going on was fantastic.

As I said at the start of this review, I’m not too bothered when Dexter makes last minute escapes from situations that should kill him, and last night’s escape from the Lake of Fire was no different. We all knew he was going to get out of it, but did the writers really think it was mandatory to make it look like Dexter was caught in the explosion? The viewers weren’t fooled by it, so maybe they just had that explosion there for Travis’ sake?

Overall, I liked this episode since there were a lot of enjoyable and interesting moments. My only complaint? The whole Deb falling in love with Dexter thing should not be happening. The writers should know better than to go down that road. If they are smart then they won’t go any further with it because, honestly, if anything significant develops between the two then I am 100% positive that the show will lose fans. Hopefully that does not happen.

Judging from the preview for the season finale, we’re going to be in for a wild ride next weekend that will have us on the edge of seats the entire hour. Here’s hoping that this is indeed the case and that we’re not treated to any more of that sibling romance crap!

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  1. Dude, black background and a white font … what the hell were you thinking? I enjoyed you writing. It’s nice despite of the sometimes very long sentences, but come on! My eyes literally HURT man. Really not cool …

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