Call Me Fitz – Season 2 Finale (Review)

Who would have thought?

Richard Fitzpatrick’s shadowy figure was none other than his own self. I didn’t see that coming at all, so it was was an interesting (though anti-climatic) reveal. We spent an entire season wondering who wanted to kill Fitz and it turned out to be himself! Even he didn’t even know since it seems he was sleepwalking the entire time. Everything about this revelation really messed with my head as I’m still struggling to understand why Fitz was his own shadowy figure and how he would manage to put a hit out on himself. However, since this is just a silly little dark comedy I’m not too inclined to look into it too much. Call Me Fitz isn’t supposed to be a thought provoking show anyway.

The entire episode dealt with Fitz teaming up with Larry, Josh, and Dot in an effort to track down his shadowy figure. Dot being “recruited” to Fitz’s “team” was pretty surprising given the tension between them throughout the past few episodes, but seeing them work together was really fun. There’s a sort of enjoyable chemistry between the two when they’re not at each other’s throats in the office, and watching Dot helping out Fitz in the season finale was a great change of pace. I liked how she even came to Fitz’s rescue after he fell off the of Beaver Moon’s roof top by catching him. This was not the same Dot we had a few episodes! I’m not complaining though, I really liked last night’s Dot a whole lot. I didn’t care for her too much before, but she was really fun in the finale. As I said, it was just great watching her work with Fitz. The characters have good chemistry, which is probably due to the fact that they’re both self-serving assholes who are borderline evil!

Speaking of evil, how about Meghan being hired to kill Fitz? Imagine being hired to assassinate your own brother and actually trying to go through with it. Yeah, the Fitzpatricks really are a screwed up bunch! The big shocker was at the end though… Did Meghan commit suicide? We saw her sitting on the roof with her gun and, when the screen faded to black, we heard the gun fire. What a horrible thing to leave unresolved in the season finale!

While we’re on things were left unresolved, what the heck is the story with Josh? He received a call on his phone from a female voice who said, “Agent McTaggart, Operation Blackout is go.” Josh then says “sorry Fitzie” and we’re left wondering… Um… What just happened!?

Another huge moment was Ken giving up his majority share of Fitzpatrick Motors to the Ruptals under the sole condition that they weren’t allowed to change the name of the dealership. Whoa! What’s going to happen there? How is Richard going to handle reporting to those two guys? There could be a lot of tension at Fitzpatrick Motors in season three!

Damn you writers of Call Me Fitz! Why did you have to throw so many juicy moments at us viewers in the last two minutes? Is Meghan dead? Is Josh a secret agent (?!?) or something? What are the Ruptals going to do?

According to IMBd, it looks like Meghan is still going to be around in season three (it lists her as appearing in 32 episodes, and we’re only through 26 so far). Ali Devon and Dot Foxley are also both listed as appearing heavily in season three, and I’m glad for that. Dot’s a really fascinating character and I cna’t wait to see what’s in store for her now that she has left Fitzpatrick Motors. As for Ali Devon, I watched the second season before seeing much of the first, so I didn’t know much about her at first… but after watching the first season, I’m glad that she’ll be back because her encounters with Fitz are always pretty comical. Ali and Dot are probably my favourite female characters on the show so I’m glad to see them returning.

One final thought… Perhaps the third season will possibly focus on Richard fulfilling his dream of opening his own bar? He noticed that the Beaver Moon is for sale after all. Maybe that’s where Dot may end up? Since she is now out of a job (which she stressed quite heavily in the finale), perhaps she could team up with Richard to run the bar after he purchases it?

What the Fuck is a Beaver Moon? was an entertaining episode and was easily the best of the second season. It was really great to see the season end on a high note with tons of cliffhangers. Unfortunately now we have to wait a year to see exactly what happens with said cliffhangers! The writing staff did a great job, and to have the season end like this with the audience anxiously wondering what happens next is without a doubt the best way to go out.

Anyway, there’s no doubt that the third season of Call Me Fitz will be fantastic after the excellent writing in the season two finale and I can’t wait for it! Congratulations to the writing staff on this one, you guys did awesome. Ring a ding ding, baby.

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