Level Up!

For the Review Depot, that is. With great look comes great responsibilities!

Soon this little place will be entering year #3 (in May 2012 anyway). I’ve noticed a sharp increase in traffic over the months, and it’s really making me happy. I mean, I don’t even promote this place other than having a link in my forum profiles here and there. I’ve relied on search engines for most of my hits, but I can’t discount how helpful refererals have been. So many people have posted links to The Review Depot on other site saying “go read this” for various reasons. I didn’t expect much when I first started this blog/site in May 2010, and things didn’t look good for the first few months at all… However, things have picked up a lot of steam and I’m getting a few hundred hits per day which makes me feel pretty good. The Review Depot still isn’t very much. It is mostly just a dumping ground for my video game reviews and opinions.

However, 100,000 views in a year and a half without attempting any kind of major promoting feels kind of sobering, and I feel like I should try to branch out from my safe zone a little. As a result, I just tossed up my first non-video game related article, a review of the latest episode of Dexter. I hope to have more TV articles to follow (watch for weekly Game of Thrones episode reviews in the spring for sure), and I won’t rule out taking on movies, gadgets, and anything else I can think of. The Review Depot may shape up to become more of a place for reviews in general.

Anyway, just felt like writing a little more on here today. I’m really glad that people are coming to read my stuff. If any of it is helpful to you folks then I’ve already completed my job. Anything else is just a bonus.

Daniel Babineau


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