Dexter – SE06EP10 Ricochet Rabbit (Review)

I’ve decided that it’s time to branch out into TV reviews, and what better show to start with than Dexter? I’ve been a really huge fan of the show since blitzing through the first four seasons two years ago and then following the next two seasons on TV. While season six has had a few ups and downs (I won’t even get into the whole Gellar debate), I think I can say that the tenth episode, Ricochet Rabbit, was undoubtedly the best yet.

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding whether or not Gellar was alive (or dead as a door knob), we’ve been able to witness Travis step up his game and take on a leadership role as he recruited two disciples who are probably just as crazy as he is. Ignoring the disciples for now, I’m really pleased with how they explained Travis’ behavior after finding his medication (which he is clearly off of). Travis has several severe psychological issues that keep him from being able to properly distinguish the difference between imagination and reality. Travis is so far gone that he thought Gellar was alive and with him for three years and believing that every horrid act, including the murdering of his own sister, had been committed by the dead professor instead. Travis is, without a doubt, the most twisted villain Dexter has ever faced. He isn’t the most dangerous or exciting though, as Travis simply can’t hold a candle to Brian Moser or Arthur Mitchell.

As for the disciples, wow. Travis found a married couple who were so fanatical that they ate up everything he suggested. The wife, Beth, was only slightly apprehensive to commit murder. I know that there are some pretty insane religious nutjobs out there, but the married couple felt a little forced in my opinion. They jsut seemed too fanatical and too eager to basically become serial killers after leading what appeared to be completely normal lives. I was okay with the husband being killed by Dexter, but I feel a little worried about the Beth character sticking around for the next two episodes. She may be a fanatic, but she’s extremely flat as a character.

A lot of folks seem to think that the writers are pointing the show in an incestuous direction, believing that Deb’s therapy sessions are going to lead to her falling in love with Dexter and possibly vice versa. This seems like extremely iffy territory for the show to tread and, honestly, I doubt they would go there. It doesn’t matter that Deb and Dexter aren’t blood related, they’re still brother and sister. I truly hope that the writers don’t go down that road. If anything, Deb just needs to realize that she needs to become more independent. Thankfully she seemed to reach this point a bit during Richochet Rabbit when she called Dexter after discovering that Deputy Captain Matthews was indeed the one in the room with the dead prostitute who bled to death from an overdose.

Looking at the whole LaGuerta/Matthews situation, what could happen here? They seemed bent on destroying Deb a week ago, but now Deb knows what is going on. There is no way she does not know now why LaGuerta has been trying to make her close the case. Now Deb can go into her dinner with Matthews prepared. Perhaps she’ll fight fire with fire as she had done with LaGuerta in the elevator last week?

The biggest shocker of the episode was Angel being ambused by Travis when he was questioning Beth for owning many of Gellar’s published books. Part of me wants Angel to be the one to find out about Dexter, but the preview for episode eleven seems to indicate he won’t find out. If anyone will find out, I suppose it will be Deb… But after what they did in the season five finale, they had better not pull another cop-out this year. If you’re going to hint that someone is going to find out, then let them freaking find out this time.

Lastly, where is Travis going to go with Wormwood? Apparently he wants to target Miami Metro with his poison gas. Could this be a clue that we will be losing one of Miami Metro’s finest in the possible poisoning? Speculation is rampant that we’re losing someone this year, but who? LaGuerta and Quinn are the most likely candidates right now. “Chicago” Mike seems unlikely since he has probably been brought in to fill whatever void opens up next year (which is great since he is a good character), Angel won’t go anywhere simply because he’s freakin’ Angel, and Deb obviously isn’t going anywhere either. I didn’t mention Masuka because, seriously, why even bother? There’s no reason to kill him and we know he won’t be killed off. It just wouldn’t make sense or have as much of an impact as it would if other characters got the axe. LaGuerta or Quinn will go, or perhaps even Matthews who appears to have become a corrupt cop.

Time will tell. Until then, let’s just enjoy what is shaping up to be a great end to a rocky season.

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