Hopelessly Stupid MvC3 Fan “Jokes” About Japan Disaster

I am rolling my eyes very fiercely right now. Yes, fiercely… And before reading any further, I’m going to stress that I use foul language in this post. A lot of it. If you don’t want to deal with me cursing, hit back right now, because I feel like venting.

I am not one who usually gets upset over stupid things said by stupid people on the internet, but every now and then some failure of a human being says the most stupidest fucking thing imaginable and it makes me want to reach through my monitor to strangle the life out of them. So what has me worked up?

The following was posted by some moronic degenerate asshole on the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 GameFAQs board.

Didn’t stop them from making shadow battle DLC! LOL!!!


Really now? How?

Did you hear about all the BS that happened to the development team for LAIR capcom? Some of their staff even DIED and they still continued. LAIR was horrible but they didn’t make any excuses for a long time.

My grandpa was in the vietnam war. I didn’t even know he was in until my dad told me years after I met my grandpa. My grandpa hasn’t spoken about his experiences ONCE. Did he make any excuses about why he had to quit his job at old age and retire early because he was shot in the legs? Nope

But Capcom? LOL




So, what is wrong with the above besides, uhhh… EVERYTHING?

The general message by the GameFAQs poster essentially boils down to whining that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 exists and that what is being delivered to us, the fans, was not made as DLC instead. That isn’t the problem with what this shithead said though. What IS the problem?

The problem is his astonishing level of disrespect to the Japanese people. I can only assume that the poster from GameFAQs belongs to the relatively small number of blatantly selfish and stupid Americans who give their country a pretty shitty image. I am aware that 99% of Americans are decent and nice people, but the other 1%? Well, they’re the reason why everyone pisses on the USA and speaks badly about Americans. It’s because of assholes like this GameFAQs user.

Here is a country that suffered a very horrific disaster that killed somewhere around 20,000 people and destroyed miles and miles of landscape. People drowned in the streets they lived in as they fought to escape the neverending waves surging inland, houses drifted away into the ocean and rendered a frightening amount of people homeless, and many people didn’t buy food from grocery stores due to radiation fears.

A picture of the GameFAQs poster.

Yet, in the mind of the GameFAQs poster, this does not justify Capcom halting the development of major gameplay additions to Marvel vs Capcom 3. Shadow battle DLC was minor and could be whipped out in no time. Shadow battle DLC was not time consuming to make. All it required was for the programmers to throw in a new menu and a few fights. Oh yeah, highly complicated shit right there. Capcom can churn out shadow battle DLC in their sleep.

Now, making a dozen brand new characters, eight stages, and revamping the entire game to make it more enjoyable? That takes a lot of time and effort. The fact that the poster was not able to even consider this sickens me.

You selfish fucking prick. The content of a game is that important to you, huh? You would make pathetic comparisons between the disaster in Japan to… What… A Japanese developer getting diarrhea? Are you fucking for real?

Apparently he is if he felt the need to post about such nonsense. He took the disaster in Japan and turned it into a fucking joke. This little degenerate shit should just keep his mouth shut and play the game he supposedly likes in silence. Nobody needs to hear your dickheaded comments, bud.

And that’s about it. I can deal with the morons who whine about Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 not being regular DLC or costing $40 and such, fine… But when you start making immature jabs at the disaster that occurred in Japan earlier this year, you crossed a very fine line.


10 thoughts on “Hopelessly Stupid MvC3 Fan “Jokes” About Japan Disaster

  1. U should probably consider that it isnt just us American in that are dicks but mostly the internet. The things people just say & show that r just disgusting that makes u ashamed 2 think that this guy has the same flesh as u did & he consider a human but that just the internet in general man. That aside did any ur characters make it in UMVC 3?

  2. Megaman is the only character that will make me shell out money for ANOTHER Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    Else case? Forget about it.

    P.S.I loved Hawkeye, Ghost Rider and Strider though.

    • btw, what a di**head. Gamefaqs is full of that scum, as far as I know. The majority aren’t like that though, but there sure are a lot of bad weeds in there.

  3. I read that topic on GameFAQs. Dude’s a frikkin’ joke. While Capcom did say that their building turned out okay after the earthquake, they never said at ANY time that their more important workers had bad stuff happen to them. Most of the people working on it probably got sick, probably didn’t live anywhere near the Capcom building and went to their demolished home and that equates to poop? WTFH?

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