Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 Roster Predictions

So, it’s happening folks. An upgraded Marvel vs Capcom 3 was hinted at by the popular leaker Lupinko a little while back, and now with concrete evidence that Marvel vs Capcom 3 will have a large event at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 23, it’s pretty clear that the Super version is definitely go.

While Lupinko isn’t flat out spoiling the roster this time around as he did with the original Marvel vs Capcom 3 as well as with Mortal Kombat 9, he is still giving out cryptic hints as to who will appear in Super Marvel vs Capcom 3.

It is pretty universally accepted that the number of new characters will be twelve. Taking into account what’s been said by Lupinko himself, as well as what just seems logical from a marketing perspective for Capcom, I’ve taken a stab at assembling what I think will be the roster for Super Mario vs Capcom 3.

That is how I believe the character select screen will be arranged. It would make the most sense if we are indeed getting twelve new characters. So who are the faces I’ve poorly photoshopped to the roster?

Mega Man X (left of Akuma)
Batsu (left of C. Viper)
Strider Hiryu (left of Trish)
Chuck Greene (left of Amaterasu)
Asura (left of Hsien-Ko)
Phoenix Wright (left of Arthur)
Ms. Marvel (right of Taskmaster)
Dr. Strange (right of Iron Man)
Venom (right of Storm)
Apocalypse (right of Magneto)
Jubilee (right of Sentinel)
Gambit (right of She Hulk)

So, why did I pick each of these characters?

Mega Man X: He was pretty much the most demanded character from the fan polls, and has been requested ever since Marvel vs Capcom 3 was even announced! Capcom would be insane not to include him in the Super version. Money talks, baby.

Batsu: Lupinko has dropped a hint or two involving school. Batsu, from Rival Schools, may fit the bill. This popular Rival Schools fighter also appeared in Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Like Zero, he could easily make the transition to Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Strider Hiryu: Lupinko gave two HUGE hints that this Capcom fan favourite is back. First, he mentioned Clockw0rk, who used Strider Hiryu in Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournaments. Second, he posted an edited Marvel comic book cover that had Hiryu’s silhouette. This one is really a no brainer.

Chuck Greene: Frank West was originally planned for the original Marvel vs Capcom but was cut. Lupinko has also tweeted a combination recipe from the Dead Rising series, orange juice and milk. This means that Chuck or Frank are likely. I’m going with Chuck since his weapons are/were more varied than Frank’s arsenal. Also Chuck would not have to rely on zombie summons and such.

Asura: If you don’t know who this is, then that’s okay. Asura is the main character of Capcom’s unreleased action game titled Asura’s Wrath. Recently there have been hints by Capcom themselves that Asura may be in Marvel vs Capcom 3. This would make sense, as it would be a way to promote Asura’s Wrath.

Phoenix Wright: While I was never one to wish for Phoenix Wright to be included, he was consistently among the most demanded characters by fans. Niitsuma once hinted that he would like to try to add Phoenix if fans wanted him in, and one of Lupinko’s roster hints was simply Phoenix’s name in Japanese. Hmmm…

Ms. Marvel: I am not sure if there has been any hints by Lupinko that strongly point to Ms. Marvel. However, shortly before the original game was released and we still had a few unknown characters left, a lot of people were clammering for Ms. Marvel. She is now more requested than popular series vet Psylocke. Given that she is Marvel’s leading lady these days, chances of her being included are strong.

Dr. Strange: I will admit that I do not know much about Strange, though two of his sworn enemies are already on the roster (Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath). He has always been heavily asked for by fans, and a few tweets by Lupinko seem to hint that Strange may be in.

Venom: There are not really any hints from Lupinko that are solid Venom hints, but this series vet was fiercely demanded by fans to be on the original roster and then as DLC. In both cases, Venom failed to appear. You all know the saying, right? Third time’s the charm.

Apocalypse: Lupinko has tweeted so many Apocalypse hints that it’s quite ridiculous. Either Apocalypse is not in, or Lupinko is having a go at us all. Regardless, he would be an incredible addition.

Jubilee: I had no idea that Jubilee had become a vampire in recent years. She is no longer “that girl who makes fireworks” and instead has become super strong and enjoys sucking blood. There could be some cool gameplay mechanics here, and I would not mind a vampire on the roster. Hell, I was vocuhing for Morbius to be on the original roster! Plus, Lupinko said he would give us a “freebie” and then mentioned Jubilee’s name. Chances are good she’s in Super.

Gambit: Love him or hate him, he was a fantastic character in the previous games and fans loved him. Gambit is a beloved X-Men character and a lot of people, like me, found him to be very awesome in the 1990s X-Men cartoon. Whil Gambit’s inclusion has only been vaguely hinted by Lupinko, fans have been screaming for Gambit to be included. He is a very strong candidate.

And those are my predictions! We’ll surely be getting at least two reveals when Comic-Con hits, and I’ll update whether or not my predictions are correct as we get factual information on the game from Capcom and Marvel. Stay tuned!

To keep up to date with possible hints and leaks, follow Lupinko’s Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 Roster Predictions

  1. I don’t know if I like the idea of vampire Jubilee being playable, and I’m a fan of Jubilee. Mainly because her current power set since her vampirism only consisted of super strength and speed and a (so-far) one-time mist form. The only moveset I can think of involving that is pretty much already being implemented by Wesker. Now if Marvel plans on returning her old-school fireworks powers and make a vampire that shoots fireworks, something I’ve been begging from that company for some time now, then I can get behind her inclusion.

    And do we really need Apocalypse in this? Really? Don’t we have enough X-Men characters? I mean we already 6 of them as is. Personally I’d rather have Machine Man, Ghost Rider or Songbird instead.

    Other than that, not that bad a line-up.

    • Jubilee seems like a pretty solid bet. Second only to Strider in terms of plausibility, at least according to Lupinko’s hints.

      I’m not too big on Apocalypse either, but a lot of people seem to think he’d be a great inclusion and some of Lupinko’s hints point in Apocalypse’s direction.

      Time will tell, I guess.

  2. Let me clarify something: Ms. Marvel IS NOT what fans thinks she is. Fans ASSUME that she is Marvel’s top lady because of her name. That is not the case and all comic fans know this.
    Scarlet Witch is the female face for the Avengers. And She-Hulk, Storm, and Phoenix represent the three top females in Marvel. Though, Emma Frost is currently the top female face of the X-Men.

    Gambit and Venom scream 20 years ago. Neither one of them is relevant anymore. Believe it or not, this is a game in which half of the roster is from the comics. That means our choices should remain relevant to modern comics and not to characters that were only famous because of the decade they were created in.

    Those “Dr. Strange” tweets = Scarlet Witch more. She’s red, her crown has horns, her sons Wiccan and Speed represent the colors blue and green respectively. She’s an omega-level mutant and a magic powerhouse.

    Lupinko also wrote “dat robochick will give anyone that h.a.r.d.a.c.” H.A.R.D.A.C. was a living computer in the Batman cartoon that tried to kill Batman. Equate this to Marvel and you come up with the character “Danger”. Danger was the X-Men’s danger room computer that became sentient, formed into a female robot with immense knowledge and power, and attempted to get Rogue to kill Xavier. She currently serves as an X-Man, a database, and a warden.

  3. I think the list is pretty solid. Though, I must say that Apocalypse is not a good inclusion IMO. He seems to be a pretty generic robot character. I like him in the comics and as a boss but, I’m not to keen on the idea as him being a playable character instead of other great characters such as Gambit, who is also hinted, Psylocke, hinted too, Cable/Bishop, hinted too, etc.

    As for Jubilee, I don’t like her being a vampire. That is a pretty stupid idea since most Jubilee fans love her as a X-woman. And PHOENIX WRIGHT FTW!

  4. This does sound like the most legit Roster

    Although i Would to See X taking Zero’s spot and everyone is shifted back 1 and Akuma and Batsu would switch places.

    I still dont like the Idea of PW in but if he is worthy, then he might be fun.

    And still people believing Starforce would replace X is stupid.

    And Asura would be amazing in the game, one of his hypers would make him grow 6 arms and do triple the damage.

    As for the Marvel Side of things, its pretty Solid, still there are too many X-men but the Xmen have the biggest ammount of characters compared to the other Marvel Universes.

    Other than that this would be a fine roster

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