New Street Fighter X Tekken Info

At Capcom’s annual Captivate event today, the company was kind enough to finally show off more of Street Fighter X Tekken. This is fantastic news because, face it, we were all getting tired of seeing Ryu and Kazuya duking it out repeatedly.

The information released today definitely gave us something to look forward to. A few new stages were shown off, most notably a Capcom stage that seems to be based on the Dino Crisis games. How cool to see Capcom giving that series some much deserved love!

As far as new characters go, we’ve got Abel, Guile, and Ken joining Chun-Li and Ryu on the Street Fighter side. Kazuya and Nina have been joined by Bob, King, and Marduk.

I’ve seen a few fans up in arms already over some characters getting in over more popular ones, but we only have a roster with eight characters at the moment. There will surely be at least ten more characters on each side, so fans of series will both surely see Cammy, M. Bison, and Zangief duking it out against Hwoarang, Jin, and maybe even Jun.

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