Mortal Kombat’s Challenge Tower

NetherRealm Studios revealed a wealth of new Mortal Kombat information to IGN today. Pretty much everything revealed involves the new “Challenge Tower” game mode. Imagine a cross between Soul Calibur’s Tower of Lost Souls combined with Marvel vs Capcom 3’s mission mode as well as a slew of mini games and you’ll have Mortal Kombat’s Challenge Tower.

Challenge Tower is represented on the screen by a huge tower, just like the tower of opponents you’d fight in previous Mortal Kombat story modes. There are a total of 300 challenges to plow through, which sounds like quite a lot of content!

Here’s a list of what has been observed to be in Mortal Kombat’s Challenge Tower.

– 3 On 1 Kombat: The player must take down three opponents simultaneously.
– Armless Kombat: Both characters have their arms removed and must duke it out. Ouch.
– Dream Kombat: No idea what this is. Only the name is briefly visible.
– Explosive Kombat: No idea what this is. Only the name is briefly visible.
– Grenade Toss: Throw grenades into buckets with Stryker and amass points.
– Headless Kombat: Fight without heads. Absolutely serious.
– Rainbow Kombat: No idea what this is. Only the name is briefly visible.
– Slot Kombat: A slot machine determines your opponent as well as random modifiers for each fight.
– Special Fights: Take part in fights that uses special conditions which alters the gameplay slightly.
– Story Battles: Appears to be actual fights that involve special dialogue sequences.
– Test Your Luck: Not sure what this is. Possibly a game of chance.
– Test Your Might: Break that wood! MK’s classic mini game returns.
– Test Your Strength: Persumed to be another form of Test Your Might.
– Training Missions: Learning how to perform various moves and techniques.
– Upside Down Kombat: Standard fight, but the screen is upside down.
– Zombie Kombat: Both fighters are turned into zombies. No idea how this works.
– Zombie Waves: Use special moves to knock down zombies that progressively approach you faster and faster.

The so called “Slot Kombat” is also becoming a game mode of it’s own due to the incredible randomness of it’s nature.

Here is the video that shows off Challenge Tower.

With a full story mode, tag team fighting, the Krypt, and now Challenge Tower and what I call Slot Kombat, the new Mortal Kombat is looking set to have heaps of content from the get go. Other fighters, such as Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter IV, should take note of this. Fighting games need more content than simple arcade/versus modes, and Mortal Kombat looks set to deliver.

Mortal Kombat will be released April 19 in North America and April 21 in Europe. Watch for it!


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