Rocky VII?

I really can’t deny that Rocky is my favourite film series of all time, so it’s a wonder that it took me a few months to pick up on a few comments made by Sylvester Stallone made at the end of 2010. First, there are comments he made in 2009 that I was already aware of.

“Artists must again and again go through the dark.”

“Rocky VII would likely be about getting older rather than boxing.”

The Expendables, and word that a sequel was already planned, made Rocky VII sound like it was out of the picture, but then came the comments at the end of 2010.

“Despite working on a sequel to The Expendables, Rocky is not finished.”

“The older I get, the more necessary it is to write another Rocky movie.”

“The fact that seasoned hurt bombs can prevail over naive young talent was proven in Rocky Balboa.”

So what’s in store for Rocky? In 2009, Stallone made it sound as if Rocky wouldn’t focus much on boxing in the future, but his comments from the end of 2010 say otherwise. Perhaps Rocky VII could fall somewhere in between? In my opinion, a rematch with Clubber Lang could work. Clubber was a tough opponent for Rocky and I honestly felt that he seemed to have a harder time with him than, say, Ivan Drago. Mr. T has aged well enough and probably looks healthier than Sylvester Stallone, so why not? Bring back Clubber, I say! Audiences would really need someone that they want Rocky to triumph over, and we didn’t get that in the last film, Rocky Balboa. Mason Dixon wasn’t a despicable villain and, instead, the viewers felt more sorry for him than anything. He was a decent guy, and I don’t know anyone who was upset over the fact that Rocky didn’t beat him.

Another possibility is Tommy Gunn. Real life boxer Tommy Morrison is only 42, which is how old Rocky was in Rocky IV and Rocky V. If Rocky Balboa could kick Drago’s ass at 40, then Tommy Gunn should be able to hit it big as well. Gunn was a great boxer in Rocky V, and that crappy street fight just didn’t really do the job. Everyone wanted Rocky to face Tommy in the ring, not on the street. That wasn’t a boxing match at all!

Bringing back Clubber Lang or Tommy Gunn would be a great move, in my opinion. Lang as the antagonist could help the film fit the whole “focus on growing older” while a still youngish Gunn would be great for an aging Rocky with his “hurt bombs” to triumph over.

Let’s wait until after The Expendables 2. I’m sure Stallone won’t keep too tight of a lid on the film when it starts up, given how much he seems to love Rocky. It’s his baby after all.