Mortal Kombat Rebirth Receives Green Light

Remember that Mortal Kombat Rebirth trailer that spread like wildfire across the internet last summer?

The trailer was a reimagination of Mortal Kombat by director Kevin Tancharoen that he had put together to pitch to Warner Bros. in hope of the studio giving him the green light to make a new Mortal Kombat film in the Rebirth style.

For months, nothing was ever really heard regarding Mortal Kombat Rebirth until a few days ago when it was revealed that Rebirth will be a ten part web series rather than a full motion picture.

Rebirth will be distributed by the Warner Bros. studio, so the project will certainly have proper funding. Tancharoen will of course direct, as he was the mastermind behind this all along. Michael Jai White, who appeared as Jax in the Rebirth trailer, will reprise the role for the web series. No news yet if Lateef Crowder, Ian Anthony Dale, Richard Dorton, James Lew, Matt Mullins, or Jeri Ryan will return.

Shooting for Mortal Kombat Rebirth begins in February. The location is Vancouver, British Columbia. If anyone is in the area, see if you can sneak a few glimpses!

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