Why APB: Reloaded Will Succeed

Sometime in Q1 2011, APB will return as “APB: Reloaded.” The original designers are onboard thanks to the game and studio being bought by K2 Network. Numerous improvements are being planned, and there are a few reasons why I think APB: Reloaded will succeed. “Gasp! APB succeeding?” Why, yes. As a player of APB during it’s original run, I saw the huge amount of potential that the game has. Unfortunately, due to EA forcing Realtime Worlds to rush APB out the door, the game was not what it was promised to be.

APB: Reloaded promises to make the game what it was originally supposed to be while improving the bad aspects of the game that became evident during the game’s original run. So, what will APB: Reloaded do that will make this game succeed? I have three points that I think will lead to the game working out this time around.

1. Tougher Crackdown On Hackers
Towards the end of the game’s life cycle, APB was plagued by hackers. Countless people used aim bots, wall hacks, and god mode hacks. It was a little out of control, and Realtime Worlds are already discussing the matter of eliminating foul play from APB: Reloaded. There seems to be a good amount of confidence coming from them at the moment, and they’ve had a bit of time to learn from their mistakes in APB and, presumably, they’ll be able to close a fair amount of holes that hackers exploited originally.

2. Revamped Gameplay Focus
Realtime Worlds has stated that they want San Paro to be a more enjoyable city this time around, the core PvP gameplay will not be the complete focus of the game anymore. Apparently there will be true PvE objectives in parts of the city, and plans are in place to make players want to return to specific areas of the city. To the average reader, this sounds like Realtime Worlds wants to implement something in the districts that will make players want to hang around at certain streets and locations. Minigames? Fun and rewarding quests? I’m willing to bet on both. Perhaps we’ll have access to a miniature casino, an arcade, or something else along those lines? It’s completely probable judging from Realtime Worlds’ comments. They want people to want to hang out in specific areas of the districts. Something is at work here, and I feel that it will add a lot of replayability to the game. The fact that PvP will not necessarily be the core focus of the game is also a great idea. They want the cities to feel more like, well, cities. Let’s hope that the revamping of the gameplay is going in a good direction.

3. Free To Play/Microtransactions
Free. To. Play. Those are the three most important words in this entire article. Players will still be able to perform microtransactions to probably obtain premium features and items, but paying to play is absolutely not required anymore. This is fantastic, as the original APB simply was not good enough to warrant monthly payments at all. Not having to pay will give the developers a lot of breathing room, and players will have more patience with the game if it is still lacking when it relaunches. By not having to pay, more players will be likely to stay on and wait for improvements.

Overall, APB: Reloaded may very well be the game that we were originally meant to play. Can’t wait! Stay tuned for more info.

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19 thoughts on “Why APB: Reloaded Will Succeed

  1. Actually, being in closed beta, I can tell you that it’s still HORRIBLE. Still cheaters present, which know how Gamersfirst plans on banning, and already have a workaround ready. The gameplay is still the same 4 missions over and over again. They’ve stated on the forums that nothing is really planned to change, and they’re still struggling with the memory loss issue that plagued RTW.

    All in all, this game is just on course to siphon money from TWO companies.

    • Yeah, I’m in the beta too. The only major difference I saw is that all of the kiosks in the social district have been moved around.

      And I don’t doubt that there are cheaters in the beta. I’ve already gotten some people coming in from search engines by looking up “APB Reloaded hacks” and various other things like that.

      I can only hope that the game won’t have as many people cheating as it used to once the game goes lives.

  2. This game will NOT succeeded. It is full of cheators, cheesedicks, and all around jerkoffs. They allow all kinds of racist trash in their game and sexual pictures too. The game isn’t any better. It’s worse. I hope it fails. I will see to it that it does. I will cut off my nose to spite APB players who like this drivel. It’s only going to be made worse with cash shops where you can lease uber weapons with a huge advantage over everyone else.

  3. I don’t forgive or forget. People will be sorry they pissed me off when I help this game fail by warning people off from it.

  4. I’m in the beta aswell. At first I was kind of disappointed with the changes to the time-to-kill and such, but it’s quite fun. I’ll definately be playing this game when it launches. Previous players will be getting their characters back, except progression will be removed for many reasons.
    As a reply to the above posts:
    -I’ve read up as much information on cash shop items, they don’t sound very “ber overpowered” to me.
    -I haven’t come across a single person that I believe to be hacking yet, although G1 has confirmed that there are a few, they say that they are gathering information on them during beta because it’s better than having them in live.
    -G1 has already made multiple bans on the ground of racism and discrimination towards various sexual orientations. As for “sexual images,” the game is rated M. RTW was taking action against the most prominant offenders in this category, but if you’re of age to play this game, you shouldn’t have a huge problem with seeing a woman’s breasts or a poorly-drawn penis on your way past a spray-paint area.
    -What is a cheesedick?

  5. I paid for the first APB game and went through all the crap it went through. I paid to play that game and lost everything when it went down. I have a sick, deep hatred for the many greedy people involved in its failure. However, it was good to see it fail because of there greed. I have been in the closed beta of APB Reloaded and am still in the open beta. I still have many of the same problems with this game. The gutless worms that hack the game and cheat with aim bot and the like are lower than the scum growing in the drain pipes of your toilets and shower stalls. The kind of scum that you cant see under the drain in the pipes and no matter how you use a cleaner to get rid of the scum, it just comes back again and again. The hackers are not getting cleaned out, they are instead multiplying. Whats really sad is many people like me have put many, many hours of time and money in playing this game, ranked high, very high and we get NOTHING in return for that. We get wasted by players half our rank or less, that paid zero money, play for free and play with beginner weapons that have zero upgrades, yet kill you with an ease you yourself never experienced in play. How is it a player half the rank with a lesser weapon can kill you easier than you have ever killed at any time in play. What is right about that? This game is not about rank, skill, time put in or real money put in by the player. Its about taking the real gamer for a ride down the path of the scum bag cheaters and greedy bastards who only think of the money they can get from the real players. There is no advantage in this game to a real player by putting time, money or skill into it like a real gamer does. Instead there is only the advantages in it for the scum hackers and the greedy bastards who make this all happen for the scum hackers. I ABOR you scum losers that hack this game and all that are involved in its greedy, selfish, cowardly ways.
    [ -G1 has already made multiple bans on the ground of racism and discrimination towards various sexual orientations. As for “sexual images,” the game is rated M. RTW was taking action against the most prominant offenders in this category, but if you’re of age to play this game, you shouldn’t have a huge problem with seeing a woman’s breasts or a poorly-drawn penis on your way past a spray-paint area.
    -What is a cheesedick?]
    A cheesedick is something close to the definition of “scum” that grows in the pipes of your toilet.

  6. Apb is an awesome skill based shooter. G1 has done a great job with almost every aspect of the game. I play religously. It’s got a STEEP learning curve, but rewards skilled players. Don’t listen to the cheesedicks above, if you rule at CS and like team based shooter that reward skill and tactics, then play. If you’re a casual shooter fan, stay far far away.

  7. I disagree. This game isn’t doing too good. Sure many Free-To-Play mmos were successful,
    it’s just that APB has a pretty bad backstory. I play the game, yes it’s addictive, but it gets super boring and annoying when pretty much 1/4 of the people I’m up against are hackers. The fact that you said that they have a stronger crackdown on hackers made me realized that RTW APB must have been full of them. Honestly, I think G1 bit off more than it could chew. They promise us new content, but all they do is try to fix a bug and just make a new one. A lot of you might disagree with me, but seriously, think about it, if this game failed as a pay-to-play game, how is it ever gonna succeed as a free one. They can make this game free-to-play, give it new content, a new district, but that’s still not gonna take away the fact that this game straight up sucks. And instead of making new districts and more empty promises, I think G1 should concentrate on a base structure for the game, like fix the shooting, the driving, boot all the hackers. I don’t care about new districts when I’m getting sniped by an SMG. I suggest that G1 just shuts down the game before it goes bankrupt too.

  8. XDD. apb reloaded sucseed ? XDD espetialy with their programist team who have hands groving out of ass. A LOT OF HACKERS, A LOT OF BUGS & last but not least – we all know games with lags. But they overdone them selfs – LAG WIT GAME. thats how i would suscribe it. there was a lot of lie on their site, about antihack system, removing lags & bugs, fixing matchmaking system… instead: every month hackers grew in game i would say 75%, from ~2 months i play lags just got worse(getting worse from day to day), match making system – XDD. give me a brake, 1vs2 1vs3 1vs4 or 1vs0 (yes, zero) is not a problem. MY RATING FOR GAME IS 4 OUT 5 FOR IDEA & 1OUT OF 5 FOR MAKING THE GAME ITSELF

    • if they keep noobing like that game will fail just like previous apb… Fun game but becoase of their curvy hands programists & laziness … i would describe game in a couple of words – CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED & small part of fun – thats what i say about apb reloaded. Or they will start working or HELLO MONEY LOSS

  9. its a super fun game, especially for free….ya there some hacks in game but makes it even better when you beat them. overall its entertaining and the price is right.

  10. Lee Atwood :

    its a super fun game, especially for free….ya there some hacks in game but makes it even better when you beat them. overall its entertaining and the price is right.

    Agreed. I was swayed back into the open beta by a friend a few days ago and I’m having quite a lot of fun. I can honestly say that I haven’t seen a single hacker yet, too.

  11. i love how perverted the game is
    thats all that matters 😀
    custom system is ba
    cant say much for the missions very weak so far

  12. I have been hacking this game since G1 relaunched it… For every 10 they ban for aim botting there are 100 that were not caught. As a hacker I can tell whose else hacks based of their movements (with esp, as I can tell they know exactly what I am going to do even though i am not in sight, plus when they jiggle around when using aimbot grenade), from what I have seen there are a LOT of hackers lately (mostly enforcers ironically/curiously). I have played a lot of mmos and can tell apb will fail again and again as long as they don’t offer anything but these missions. Most games have side professions or multiple ways to make money (for example most games separate money making from leveling up/combat level). There is only one single type of game-play in APB with nothing to alternate with to take breaks from one or the other.

  13. Obviously the OP daniel is either
    A: Employed by G1 to talk the horsesh*t above.
    B: Completely delusional
    C: just gay as fuck and actually stating his true opinion

  14. gamers first are nothing but a money making group of lowlife humans, who know nothing about games etc. they buy IPs off other people who are stuggling and they see this as a good way to make money off gamers.

    they probably have zero skills at all in games production and maintenance, all thier games are full of hackers and bugs. they never really do any REAL patches at all. why becasue they do not have any real programers artists etc. they are not a software house they are just a games publisher/regurgitator of shit.

    this game will fail period and they all know it. but they are just going to keep playing it out to the end to at least make a profit on the IP they have bought and hope to make some profit.

    their expert marketers will tell them not to spend money, not to buy people to fix the game, not to spend money on extra content but to just fix what is basically needed to keep the game running and open as many servers in diff countries as possible. that wayy they can make the 1.5 million they spent on the IP.


    games are not games anymore its all about making money regardless of how shit the product is

    i hope soon, as most consumer protections sucks. that if we buy a game that is just absolute crap and rubbish, that we can just like most things go to the company and demand a refund for their crap.

    specially when they are asking our money out of good faith to buy their product, but not for the good game that we want, but we are paying for the privilage of being a paying customer to them…… for what., to line their pockets.

    evil is as evil does

    • gaming has always been about money, my friend. its just that Gamers1 is trying to earn that 2 million theyve spent buying the game. and with the game losing so many fans and players every day, i doubt theyll ever make it. have u been on apb? its almost completely empty. y? because they dont fix jack shit. they just promise us crap, but never follow up on that promise. when i played the game back in may, it was packed, than people realized that it was the exact same shit, just with more hackers. and they left. but yes youre absolutely correct

  15. Abysmal game. Notice how the picture of the lead developer on the APB Reloaded forum s are gone? I think Bjorn finally realized he was wasting his time and quit. Good for him. Needless to say, only the most dedicated of gamers will stick to this game, that is, if they don’t hang themselves after experiencing this putrid mess. The developers have no communication with the players at all. All the new updates just add more content for the Marketplace. That’s fine for a game IF the developers provide everyone with new content from time to time, but they don’t. The last update I remember was the addition of Arenas. Nothing else was released for the non paying players. No-no, we’ll ignore that. How about the fact that they didn’t live up to any of their promises? How about the fact that’s it’s the same mess, except for free? Sure I had some fun time with this game, but RTW must have been fucked to the brain when they made this game, because who the fuck messes up a GTA MMO with a 100 million dollar budget!? In conclusion, this game did succeed, it succeeded at being the most disappointing game of all time, it succeeded at stealing all the people’s money. It will never be successful at anything besides the 2 things I have listed. And yes, I am very mad at this game. Fuck APB, fuck APB Reloaded, fuck RTW.

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