Venetica – Further Impressions

Due to the holidays, and now bad work hours, my time with Venetica has been a little limited. Still, I’ve made more progress with the game and have become better at playing while discovering new features as well. I originally intended to show off about 60 minutes of me playing, but I lacked time to upload all of that to YouTube, only managing to upload 30 more minutes instead. However, it’s a good amount of gameplay and you can definitely get an idea of how the game plays from these videos.

Here are two videos that are to be played back to back. It is me playing through one of the game’s dungeons.

The video ends kind of abruptly with that boss battle, but in the following videos there will be a conclusion to the fight. Overall, it was a pretty epic fight and is the first real “cool” encounter in the game.

I don’t really want to say too much about the game, because I want to save my comments for the inevitable review that should come this week sometime provided my schedule cooperates with me. I will say that I’m liking the game more and more as I get further into it. Initially, I would have given it about a 7 when I wrote my first impressions a few days ago, but I now suspect that I’d be more inclined to give it about an 8.5 or so. It’s a quality game and if you can look past the slightly cartoonish presentation, then there’s a very enjoyable action RPG waiting for you!

I will say one thing, though. Venetica plays a lot like a cross between The Witcher and, surprisingly, Diablo. The game has a hack n’ slash element to it that Diablo possesses, but the gameplay (how you control Scarlett and how the camera works) is more like The Witcher, especially with the combo attacks.

Truthfully? It’s a great game. I can’t wait to play more, and I’m really looking forward to writing a review about this game. I’m even interested in doing a sort of “Let’s Try” series of videos, if only I can get my darn headset to work. It may be time to invest in a new one.

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