YummyDrumsticks (aka YDS) Plays Blackmoon Prophecy

No doubt a few visitors have noticed that I have a section for my game called Blackmoon Prophecy on The Review Depot. Whether it’s even enjoyable to the masses in 2010 is something I’m not too sure of, which is why YDS is covering it in one of her “Let’s Try” video series.

“Let’s Try” is a series that YDS started to give verbal and visual feedback to amateur game developers who primarily use Enterbrain’s RPG Makers. Blackmoon Prophecy is made in one, which gave me the opportunity to request a play of Blackmoon Prophecy. She accepted, and here are the videos. Hopefully these may encourage people to try it out!

As a note, she curses a lot and is very critical on purpose. It’s a recurring thing she seems to do in all of her videos. Also the audio is slightly out of sync in the recordings by about 3-5 seconds most of the time.

I’ll put the videos here as they are uploaded.

Stay tuned for more (hopefully).

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