Tatsunoko Vs Capcom (Review)

“The best choice available for Wii owners who want a good fighter.”

Tatsunoko. A heck of a lot of people outside of Asia have no clue what that is. After playing Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, I’m still not sure! Do I recognize any of the Tatsunoko characters? Nope. Fortunately, this does not prevent the game from being quite awesome.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom plays a lot like it’s sister series Marvel Vs Capcom, only a little slower and with a simpler control scheme. In Tatsunoko Vs Capcom (which I will refer to as TvC from now on), the controls are as follows. Y for weak attack, X for medium attack, A for strong attack, and B for assist. If you hold B, you can swap characters since this is a tag-team fighter.

There are no apparent issues with the controlling of any characters. It’s all pretty standard QCF plus a random button to execute moves. If you can pull off Ryu’s hadoken, then you’ll be able to do almost anything in the with game with ease. However, if you can’t even pull off a simple hadoken then, well, where have you been all these years!?

The gameplay is pretty solid. Since it isn’t as fast paced as Marvel Vs Capcom, I felt that TvC isn’t as aggressive and not as much of a rushdown fighter as it’s sister series. With slower gameplay comes more strategy and more room for executing things more carefully. It’s a pretty good fighting system that Capcom has in place here, and it only took me about twenty minutes to feel really comfortable with the game.

In terms of characters, there are quite a few. Doronjo, Tekkaman, Ken the Eagle, and Ippatsuman are some of the Tatsunoko characters available, though I suspect almost anyone reading this won’t know who the hell any of them are. Capcom’s roster is a little more familiar however, as it offers Batsu (remember him from Rival Schools?), Frank West, Mega Man Volnutt, Morrigan, Ryu, Viewtiful Joe, and Zero (from Mega Man X). The game’s final boss is a bizarre orb creature called Yami, and I have no idea if it originates from Capcom, Tatsunoko, or if it’s an original creation made specifically for TvC. Overall, there are close to thirty characters in the game, so there’s a little something for everybody.

The graphics are pretty nice for a Wii game. Of course they cannot compare to 360 or PS3 graphics, but TvC is definitely a very attractive Wii fighter. All characters are very detailed (especially Karas and Soki), animations are smooth and pleasant looking, and the stages are very vibrant and fun to play in.

Sound effects are, frankly, great! The music in TvC is very cool, especially the main menu theme. Easily my favourite menu theme ever for a fighting game, so kudos to Capcom on accomplishing that. Character voices are all pretty good (whether they be English or Japanese) and the fight sounds are standard stuff, but they work.

Completing fights will net you zenny, an ingame currency to purchase artwork, character costumes, and more. To clear out the ingame shop will require quite a lot of play time, so this game definitely has a fair bit of replayability.

Overall, TvC is a very solid fighter. While a crossover with Tatsunoko doesn’t really excite many western gamers, the great line-up of Alex, Batsu, Chun-Li, Viewtiful Joe, and more make this worth checking out for Capcom fans. The fighting engine is incredibly solid as well, making this the premiere fighting game for Wii owners.

Final Score



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