Saturday at Hal-Con

So Halifax’s own little convention (Hal-Con) is alive once again, and I checked it out for a bit today. Was it any good?

I was a little underwhelmed, truthfully. The size of the event was pretty small, but in Hal-Con’s defense, it is only the first year for the convention again.

What did I check out? Well, aside from bumping into my supervisor (who was doing security at the event) and my step-sister (who was a volunteer), I saw lots of cool costumes. I saw a very cool Iron-Man character, a very silly looking Goku, and a pretty hot Batman Returns-esque Catwoman among others.

There were quite a few authors at the convention who were talking about their books, as well as selling copies. I wasn’t terribly interested. Near the authors area was Eastlink High Speed Gaming. I recognized the games on hand as what appeared to be a Naruto Shippuden game (one of the Ultimate Ninja Storm titles, I think), LittleBigPlanet, Mortal Kombat Vs DC, and some first person shooter that I didn’t recognize. My eyes were drawn to the two fighters, mostly. I felt a little confused by Mortal Kombat Vs DC. Couldn’t they have chosen a more recent (and better) fighter such as BlazBlue, Street Fighter 4, or Tekken 6? It’s entirely possible that they rotate games every hour or two, but I never checked back to see if they did or not. In another room, a few people were playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on an original NES and on an old-school TV. That was awesome.

Afterwards, I stumbled into a large convention room in which some guy was talking about quiz results that the attendees in the room participated in. I assume he was a crew member for some Star Trek series, since most questions directed to him dealt with Trek. He did drop news that the next Star Trek movie may have a female Vulcan in a major role, which is cool. That is something to watch for.

There were tons of vendors in another area. I saw a Lego Death Star, an authentic breast plate and gauntlets (they cost a few hundred bucks each), lots of comic and gaming figures, and other things. As a Mario lover, my eyes were drawn to one table that had Mario plushies. I was half tempted to buy the Yoshi one that I saw, just because Yoshi rocks. A lot.

On an upper floor there were several rooms full of people playing Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and other games. I didn’t really check any of those out.

My primary reason for going was because I wanted to see Walter Koenig (Chekhov from the original Star Trek). I arrived around 4:00 PM which is when his second autographing session of the day was to begin, but I learned that he was too tired to do it again. That was a bit of a downer since it was the main draw for me attending Hal-Con. I’ve been told that he may be back tomorrow (Sunday), but I have not decided if I’ll go yet. I’ll think about it.

Anyway, here are a few things I checked out at Hal-Con in video form.

I looked at the Friday schedule and I see that I missed a lot of really interesting things, such as sneak peeks of upcoming TV shows and much more. Friday was definitely the “it” night of Hal-Con. Too bad I couldn’t attend it due to work. Saturday probably would have been more fun if I had gone with another person, but everybody was either not interested or working, so that probably affected my enjoyment since a convention of this size can only be enjoyed for so long by a person who is on their own.

If I go back to Hal-Con tomorrow, expect another post – especially if I meet Walter Koenig.


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