Video Game Halloween Costumes (Part 2)

Last time, I wrote about video game characters who I would like to see people dress up as and show up at my door. Most of the characters would be a little expensive to dress up as however, so in my second Halloween costume article, I am going to focus on something more affordable. The Halloween mask! While some of the characters you’ll see here aren’t originally from games, they’ve still been featured in them before.

These masks are all available online, so don’t hesitate to head over to eBay or online Halloween stores if one of these inspires you!

Beast from X-Men. He seems to be so unpopular, doesn’t he? Everyone wants to be Wolverine on Halloween. No Beast love? Somebody should dress up as him and stick out.

It’s Chewbacca, isn’t that enough!?

Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I guess this one would be great if you have a small frame? I think that I’ve seen one Gollum on Halloween before, but that’s probably it.

One of the bigger assholes of the Warcraft universe. I don’t like Illidan, but I’ll admit that this is a cool mask. The detail is nice. I’ve never seen anyone dressed as a Warcraft character before, so this could be a good choice!

Kratos from God of War. Is he really this pale? Probably cool for God of War fans, but I’ve never played the games before. However, it goes without saying that there have probably been very few Kratos’ looking for candy each October 31.

Come on, you just know that a Resident Evil costume would be fitting for Halloween! Lickers are fan favourites and would definitely get a lot of attention.

Master Chief helmets are very affordable. You wouldn’t have to worry about a saggy mask for a face, either. Definitely a cool idea if you’re a Halo fan.
Predator masks seem to come with helmets, so there’s a bonus if you decide to go out as a predator. Just make sure you don’t bring any sharp objects along with you, yeah? The police wouldn’t like that.

Another Warcraft one! I’m posting this one just because it strikes me as being sort of silly. Trolls in Warcraft are fairly silly anyhow, so it all works out. “Ya wanna be a Troll, mon?”

I’ll try to come up with another Halloween costume post sometime. Hope these ideas help you!

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