Rumoured Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Leaks

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Apparently somebody at iPlayWinner posted the following information, only to have it deleted. Usually information is deleted when it’s legit, but let’s not jump to conclusions.

Here is the deleted post from iPlayWinner.

“First off, Capcom is doing an INCREDIBLE job at keeping this game close to their chest. I don’t know much, but what I DO know I’ll be more than glad to tell you. No, I don’t work for Capcom, and neither do any friends or relatives — but there are other outlets in the industry for this sort of information.

42 is indeed the magic number for playable characters.

DLC characters won’t be happening, but Capcom is being tight-lipped on this for the time being. If the game launches as successfully as planned, you can definitely expect a significant retail update within a year including a handful of new characters.

March 22 is the tentative North American release date for the time being with Europe and Japan coming soon after. This can — and probably will — change, but development ends in February.

Starting in November, a new character will be revealed on a weekly basis on Capcom-Unity, and the Japanese site all the way until early March. There will be a Holiday break in late December/early January without any updates.

I know you guys like specifics, so I’ll leave you with the “good stuff.”

Bison and Viper are the final Street Fighter characters.
Strider is back.
Haggar is finally a playable character.
Classic Mega Man is back.
Zero is back from TVC.
Roll is NOT a playable character.

It’s not much for now, but I’ll let you guys know anything new as soon as I can verify.

Take care,
– M L”

Is it real? Let’s wait and see. If it is, then the weekly character reveal would take us up until the release date, which is interesting.

This would also leave just two Capcom character unrevealed. Hmmm… Frank West and another unknown character, maybe? Perhaps Captain Commando or Jin Saotome, just to please the MvC1 and MvC2 veterans?

We will know for sure if this is true come November, since the reveals will supposedly start then. Stay tuned!

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