Sackboy Halloween Costume

I noticed in my stats that somebody came here by searching up “sackboy halloween costume” on Google, Yahoo, or some other search engine. Well, anonymous seacher, you are in luck! Here is my own Sackboy costume idea! Feel free to give it a try!

This costume idea utilizes things that you should be able to find around home. If not, then you could get these materials at a VERY cheap price at various stores.

So what will you need? Simple.

A sewing kit.
Two black lids of any kind.
Six burlap bags/sacks.
Black and red markers.
Two zippers.

Some people have no idea what burlap sacks are, so let me show you.

Essentially, all you would need to do is… Take the six burlap sacks. They would each be for your head, torso, legs, and arms. Using the sewing kit (and hopefully a family member or friend), put the burlap sacks over your various body parts. For now, just do your arms and legs. Have the partner helping you cut away excess bits of the bags and then sew them back together so that they fit your body better. Of course, don’t sew them too tight. Burlap is awfully warm material so having it too tight would result in a sweaty disaster!

After sewing up the arms and legs so that they would be tighter against your body, you would probably want to take another back and cut it fully open so that it is essentially a sheet of burlap. Wrap it all around your torso, cutting away bits that get in the way of your arms or legs, as well as any excess hanging bits after it is fully wrapped around you. Sew it up after this!

Now that you have a full body finished, stick a bag over your head. You’ll likely want to cut off most of the bag so that it didn’t cover your arms and shoulders. Probably cut away three quarters of the bag. Just enough to cover your face and bring the bag down to the shoulders, which is where you would want to sew it. Sew the “head” all the way around the front and back so that there are no loose parts. This is when you would want to make some air holes. However you do this would be up to you.

Now get your zipper and sew it onto the back. It has to be a very long zipper, otherwise.. Well, it’s going to be rough getting in and out! When the zipper is on, unzip it and cut away the burlap underneath so that the wearer can actually get out. Let them do so at this point and then put the costume down so that you can attach things to the head. The easiest way to do this? As I said, use two black lids from something, since Sackboy’s eyes are just big black buttons. Easiest way to do so would be with clips or tacks (the kind that fasten). For the mouth, I suggested paper just because it’s cheap, but any kind of material that you can draw on works. Construction paper, various kinds of plastic, etc. Just draw a mouth (any kind you want) with the black marker and make sure to leave room somewhere for a tongue.

And, finally, attach the other zipper to the front. This one would, obviously, be just for show. And if possible, add some stuffing inside just to give yourself that authentic plush look.

Anyway, that’s my own idea and it would look something like this:

Of course, this is just my own idea! My idea is pretty basic, and I’m sure that some folks out there could better it. If it in any way inspires you, don’t hesitate to give making a Sackboy costume a go! There certainly won’t be many other Sackboys wondering the streets on Halloween so, if anything, you’ll have a very unique costume.

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