Game Downloads

Below are a few hosted downloads I have uploaded. If any of these belong to you and for some reason you do not want them here, send an email and they will be taken down.

These games are all covered in my Indie Showcase section or have been reviewed. Check them out if you want additional information on them or to see what the games themselves look like.

Game Review | Download Link

A tough platformer based on James Rolfe’s Angry Video Game Nerd. Plays similarly to Contra. If you’re a fan of AVGN or like tough platformers, give this one a try.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Banana Nababa is nothing but boss fights. Banana Nababa does not adapt to your play style, nor is it different each time you play. No, Banana Nababa instead focuses solely on giving you a handful of exceptionally difficult boss fights.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

In Cave Story, you play as a amnesiac character who wakes up in a cave with no memory of who or what they are. You soon realize that you’re in a gigantic cave network which also happens to be inhabited by bunny people who come to rely on you to save the day.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Hard Hat: The Rebellion has the player control a met turned good on a quest to defeat Doctor Wily on his eight robot masters. Gameplay and overall game design is inspired by Mega Man 2.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Jump ‘n Bump has no modes of play and is essentially just deathmatch for four people. Players hop around the arena(s) in an effort to land on top of one another, which results in one point and a bloody death. I believe that the first bunny to 99 points wins.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Take the old Metroid games and let an amateur game maker have his way with them and the result is Knytt Stories. Made alone from the ground up by a guy who calls himself Nifflas, Knytt Stories is evidence that indie freeware games are alive and well, and also incredibly fun to boot. Also includes a level editor!

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Mario Forever is perhaps the greatest Mario fangame ever. Jam packed with dozens of difficult levels, this one is a true test to the patience of even the most hardcore Mario fans such as myself.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Imagine capture the flag but with jet packs and guns. Soldat takes the most beloved weapons and game modes from such games as Counter-Strike and Quake, and then rolls them up together to form a very competent and very fun game.

Indie Showcase | Download Link

Warning Forever is a very interesting game, as it likes to learn from you. There is no actual artificial intelligence here, but the game makes an effort to learn how you play and responds by countering your tactics. That’s right, in Warning Forever the enemies are quite literally the Borg. They adapt to you.


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