RIP Blinky, My PS3

My old PS3 recently gave out on me. Rather than getting it fixed, I decided to scrap it and get a new one, which will be happening in the next few days.

My old model PS3, nicknamed Blinky, served me well for approximately three years. I enjoyed playing many PS2 games on it and feel bad that the Slim that I will inevitably buy won’t be able to do that.

Oh well. Goodbye Blinky, old friend. I’ll miss you!

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2 thoughts on “RIP Blinky, My PS3

  1. Oh noes! I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your system 😦
    I’m hoping my 3year old will last but I guess I just need to be prepared.

    I hope your new slim will serve you well.

    • I hope so too! I’ll be picking it up Thursday or Friday. If this was my PSP or something breaking down, then it wouldn’t be too bad.. But a $500 PS3 from a few years ago that had features new models don’t have? I feel like I lost a friend!

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