Help Wanted

Let’s face it, I’m just one person. One guy. One mind. There is only so much that a lone person can do before they start to feel burned out, or develop writer’s block. I feel that I’m sitting halfway to each of those things, and I find myself having a bit of trouble coming up with new things to write about.

I would love to continue adding content, since people actually do drop by The Review Depot on a daily basis. More content equals more visitors, which is what I am aiming for. I’ve already had a few of my pages emailed and tweeted, which is quite neat knowing that things I write are really “getting out there.”

I don’t want to be a one man show forever, though. I’d like to have at least one other person here writing content with me. Somebody who loves games enough to write about them on a small blog. I can’t really promise anything other than some hits that your written content would receive, and a place where you can forever feel safe storing anything you’ve written. I’m open to any kind of written work as well, as long as it is video game related. Articles, reviews, rants, whatever… They’re all welcome here.

Anyone who is at all interested in contributing to what I’ve got going on here, feel free to drop me an email. My address is at the bottom of every page.


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