Everybody Edits: Super Mario Rollercoaster

It’s 6:30 AM.. I just finished this monstrous rollercoaster room for Everbody Edits. It took SIX HOURS. I’ll write some stuff in here later on. For now check out the pictures of what I made this time.

It’s 1:30 PM now and I’ve gotten some sleep, so let’s talk about this bad boy. In the Super Mario Rollercoaster, visitors are taken on a guided ride all around the Mario characters/objects that I “sprited” until they are eventually dumped in a free-roaming area to check out the last creation that I made, Bowser as seen in Super Mario World. That one took quite a long time to make, and it took up a heck of a lot of space!

Like with my other Mario room in Everybody Edits, a lot of people dropped by and watched me work. In fact, the Super Mario Rollercoaster received far more visitors. At one point I probably had about two dozen people zipping around the ride as well as watching me add new characters to look at. Tons of people watched me make Bowser. I cannot help but wonder how crazy they thought I was to make something so damn big?

Anyway, a few people in total dropped in to check out Super Mario Rollercoaster. Thanks, guys!

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