Everybody Edits + Mario Art

So I spent quite a few hours today on a website called Everybody Edits, which is a website that allows people to all enter a sort of level editor/sandbox game and edit the level. It’s possible to restrict who has access to the editing tools by password locking them, which I decided to do after someone destroyed a maze that I had been working on.

Anyway, after having my maze wiped, I decided to goof around and do a sort of pixel art using the level blocks. I made a game called “Mario Junk” and went to work spriting! Here is a thumbnail of the final level design, complete with a shameless ad for The Review Depot.

So, what does the level look like up close? Well, let me walk you through it!

Upon entering, visitors to the level will be dropped down to a makeshift Mario pipe that they get to drop through.

POW!!! This is the first thing visible after entering, and it was also my first completed “sprite” in the level.

Here are the rest of my “sprites” that I painstakingly worked on for four hours in total.

(the smiley with his tongue out is a player visiting my level)

And here is my LARGEST work, by far. It was not the hardest, but it’s one of the neatest and I had to use print screen twice to get most of it.

In the far bottom right corner of the level, I placed this “warp zone” pipe as a way to quickly return to the start of the level.


I made a “secret underground bonus area” just like in the Mario games that you get dumped in on your trip back to the beginning.

So, overall, I spent several hours on my Mario art, and I decided that I had to immortalize it somehow, so it’s been placed on here! It was quite an experience, and I really enjoyed having random people pop into the level and, rather than just look around and leave, many of them would stay and watch me while I worked. It was cool.

Did I have fun today? Well.. The glowing smiley (which was me) says it all:

Want to take a stab at Everybody Edits? Click the following link and give it a go!

And… If anybody finds this article because of the link I wrote in my level, then thanks for checking out my Mario artwork and also for stopping by the blog!

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