Namco VS Capcom?

NOTE: The information in this article is outdated. Click here for my post on Street Fighter X Tekken.

So, a lot of buzz seems to be going around that Namco and Capcom will be making a VS game, possibly even Street Fighter VS Tekken. This is definitely one of the most unusual VS games I’ve ever heard of! Capcom’s fighters play so differently from Namco’s own fighters that combining the two just sounds like a really difficult task for either company to successfully pull off. It is being said that the game would be developed more by Namco than Capcom, so perhaps the Street Fighter characters will be stripped of their projectiles?

Arcade UFO, which is supposedly one of the most respected arcades for competitive gaming, tweeted the following recently.

“A little birdie tells us Namco vs Capcom will be announced next Saturday. It’s Namco, so it will certainly be in arcades.”

Meanwhile many in the tournament scene, specifically those attending EVO, have reported that two senior members from each company (Capcom and Namco) took to the stage together at EVO. The two senior members were none other than Katsuhiro Harada, the mastermind behind Tekken, and Yoshinori Ono, the badass Capcom guy who revived the Street Fighter franchise.

Things are definitely looking good, and apparently this game was rumoured as far back as E3! With this story picking up a lot of steam now, an official announcement can’t be far off. Will it truly be July 24 like Arcade UFO predicts?

Jin versus Ryu, Guile versus Paul, Chun-Li versus Asuka, or M. Bison versus Heihachi? Or even Jack versus Zangief!? Oh, please let this happen! As a huge fan of both series (though I’m slightly more partial to Tekken), I truly would love to see this happen. Here’s hoping!


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