Top 5 Creepiest Fighting Game Characters

Fighting games are loaded with cute but deadly animals, physically perfect blonde bomb shells, and arrogant macho men who just want to beat people up. These are probably the three largest stereotypical character types in fighting games, but there is a fourth one that is worth mentioning. The creepy characters.

Ever since the dawn of Street Fighter II, we’ve been exposed to characters that are designed to unnerve us. While the oldest fighting games are a little lacking in the creepy weirdos department, fighting games embraced these characters over time until it seemed that there had to be one in every single game.

I’ve taken advantage of this and have selected the five who I feel are the creepiest fighting game characters ever. Before I start with the fifth placed character, I would just like to give an honourable mention to Twelve from Street Fighter III. That bizarre entity just narrowly missed out on the fifth spot. Since I only selected one character per franchise, this means that none of the five characters I’ve chosen are from the Street Fighter series. Bummer, eh? Well, you’ll see why momentarily. The following characters put Street Fighter’s creepers to shame! Let’s begin.

#5 Drahmin (Mortal Kombat)
Who or what is Drahmin? Aside from being called an “oni” in the Mortal Kombat games, which is never even fully explained, Drahmin’s origins are a mystery. What we do know about him however, is that he is some sort of skinless mummy-zombie monster that is likely being eaten alive (even though he’s undead, or at least I think) by the hungry flies he can throw at you. Drahmin never utters a word and wears a slightly eerie mask over his face. His alternate costume removes the mask, revealing a very terrifying looking face with the most evil expression I have ever seen. Drahmin is what nightmares are made out of.

#4 Arakune (BlazBlue)
Arakune is some kind of black blob that used to be human. He (or it) is obviously no longer human, but is now just a completely insane and mischievious “thing” of some kind. He wears a very bland, emotionless mask as he screams in a hysterically loud and shrill voice. Arakune oozes and splashes all over the fighting arena while making sections of his blobby body resemble strange weapons and body parts. It’s worth noting that he also has a bunch of bugs living inside of him. That fact alone is enough to get him on this list. A blobby bug-ridden creature that is clearly psychotic. You cannot say that this is not a creepy creature.

#3 Voldo (Soul Calibur)
Voldo hasn’t done anything terribly unnerving besides kill people, which is kind of typical of characters in fighting games. The creepy thing about Voldo is his physical appearance. This strange man fights almost in the nude as he wears skin tight leather straps, thongs, S&M fetish clothing, and strange head pieces. Voldo never reveals his eyes to the player, as they are always obscured behind giant goggles or cloth wrappings. In combat, Voldo flips and flops around in frightening ways, performing strange crotch thrusts and moaning like a dying moose. Yeah Voldo, you definitely deserve to be on this list.

#2 Cleetus (Thrill Kill)
Who is Cleetus? What is Thrill Kill? Perhaps you’re too young, which makes me feel terribly old since Thrill Kill was scheduled to come out when I was about fourteen years old. You see, the game was going to be released on the original Playstation, but Electronic Arts obtained the rights to the game and then quickly trashed it because of the content. I suppose it makes sense, especially with characters like Cleetus. You see, this guy was a cannibal who died from a tapeworm INFESTATION. Gross. Now he carries around a severed leg which he enjoys biting into. Nasty.

#1 Bimorphia (Cardinal Syn)
All that really has to be said is that Bimorphia is half man and half woman. If that’s too vague for you, then how about this… Syn (the game’s main villain) took a man and a woman, cut them in half, and attached a half from each body together to somehow create Bimorphia. That’s right, folks. The left side of Bimorphia is a female body while the right side is a male body. I don’t know if it can really get any creepier than this. Not even a cannibal can compete with a dual-gender Frankenstein creature like this, it’s just way too weird. Yikes!

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