Gran Turismo 5 Fact Sheet

Who would have expected more info so soon post-E3? Well, some more tidbits have been spoken by Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios. His comments, along with everything else that’s known, has been compiled here. Read on and salivate, because GT5 is sounding pretty immense.

  • Release date is November 2, 2010 and will have an approximate price tag of $60 dollars.
  • Four players will be able to play locally. Up to sixteen can play together online.
  • 3D Compatability: GT5 will take advantage of 3D television technology.
  • Over 1000 cars will be in the game.
  • Car damage is in for all vehicles. A few hundred “premium” cars will also have damageable interiors.
  • Car data and your garage can be imported or synchronized with Gran Turismo on the PSP.
  • Improved physics allows cars to roll realistically.
  • Formula One: Several teams will feature their cars in the game.
  • Kart Racing: How it will function is unknown, only mentioned by Shuhei Yoshida in passing. And no, not kart racing like Mario Kart. Think real life kart racing. Basically go-karts, only better.
  • IRL: Indy Racing League will appear in the game in some form.
  • NASCAR: Cars from the American racing league will be present, as well as a few official NASCAR races.
  • Super GT: I am very unfamiliar with this racing series, but it is in. Sure to please the fans!
  • Stunt Racing: How it will function is unknown, only mentioned by Shuhei Yoshida in passing.
  • WRC: The World Rally Championship is fully licensed and should feature prominently in the rally portion of the game.
  • Race Photo Mode: Players will be able to take pictures of their cars while driving.
  • Photo Travel Mode: Players will have the ability to exit their cars and walk around the race track to snap pictures.
  • YouTube Compatability: Ingame uploading to YouTube is supposedly a possibility.
  • Track Editor: How it will function is unknown, only mentioned by Shuhei Yoshida in passing.
  • Weather Effects: How they will function is unknown, only mentioned by Shuhei Yoshida in passing.
  • GT Lounge Mode: Players can “rent” a race track, which lets them drive around and race whenever they want, or just hang out in the paddock and chat. Players can also drift freely or use this mode as a driving school.
  • Playstation Eye: Will be able to track your head movements. As you move your head, so will the ingame representation of yourself. Looking outside of the car will be possible by looking left or right.
  • Day/Night: Not only has night racing returned, players will also witness actual day to night transitions while playing. High and low beams will be used during night racing.
  • Tracks: There will be approximately 20 tracks in the game. The number of track variations (ie. Reverse High Speed Ring) should bring the number close to 70.
  • Major manufacturers Bugatti, Lambourghini, and Mercedes-Benz are present in the series for the first time with GT5.
  • Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing’s technical director Adrian Newey will be doing voice work for the game.
  • Dynamic Crowds: The longer the races, the greater the crowd diversity and size will be.
  • AI: The opponent AI has been revamped and can react to the player better, also allowing them to make better maneuvers.

No doubt there’s a lot more information, but this is what I’m aware of myself. There’s no doubt that this could very well be the ultimate king of racing games. The features that Polyphony has promised is now looking to be absolutely surreal. If these features are all indeed true, then this game will be so spectacular that a Gran Turismo 6 will not be necessary for several years.

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