Wheel of Fortune (Review)

“About as much fun to play as it is to land on the bankrupt piece in real life.”

After ruining Jeopardy on the Playstation 3, Sony Online Entertainment decided that this was not enough and that they had to destroy another game show. The only show that rivals Jeopardy in terms of popularity is Wheel of Fortune, so it only seemed natural for them to turn their gaze upon it.

Wheel of Fortune was released not long after the disaster that was Jeopardy, which makes me believe that Sony Online Entertainment was working on these two abortions at the same time. As was the case with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune was priced very cheap. Price says a lot about a game, remember.

Yet again like Jeopardy, upon booting this game up, players are forced to listen to a repetitive looping theme song on all of the game’s menus. This will try your patience as you have to listen to it while you do everything from configure options to making your character.

Character creation is not anything worth mentioning, as it has few good points. Basically, you select a head (there are only a few, and they all represent different ethnic groups), a hair style, and a choice between one or two different shirts, pants, etc. It is very limitedm but this wouldn�t be so bad ifthe characters themselves actually looked alright. The male characters all look like scrawny child molesters, and the female characters all look like they are missing their brains as they stare off into space like idiots.

After creating your bizarrely perma-happy character, it’s time to take to the Wheel of Fortune studio itself, which is well represented except for the fact that there is no Pat Sajak. Hell, Vanna White isn’t even in it. Unforgivable. I can understand not having one of the two hosts in the game, but would really cost that much to obtain to right to feature even just one of them? Vanna White can’t even be that expensive. This is just further evidence that Sony Online Entertainment wanted to make this game as cheaply as they could, and they sacrificed authenticity and immersion by doing so.

Gameplay is a step up from Jeopardy and, aside from the horrible presentation, the game actually plays just like the real television show. Spin the wheel, select your letters, solve when you know what the puzzle is. Wheel of Fortune has been faithfully duplicated in this regard, and you cannot soar through the game using blind luck as you could in Jeopardy. You may still need to buzz in quickly though to beat the lightning quick AI.

The ridiculous cheer animations from Jeopardy are back, probably for the worse. Though the characters don’t engage in this awful cheer too much anymore, it is still around and is very depressing to watch.

As a whole, this is a step up from Jeopardy. Not a massive one, but the game actually models Wheel of Fortune pretty well. While the gameplay isn’t really too bad, everything else is just as lacking as it was in Jeopardy, making it quite hard to even sit through one full game of Wheel of Fortune.

Final Score



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