Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

If the recent Need for Speed games are anything to go by, then the series looks to be returning to its roots. Announced at E3 2010 is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I am assuming that this is just a temporary title since “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit” is also the name of the third game in the NFS series. This game will likely be named Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit III in time.

The police will obviously play a big part in this game, and hopefully there will be some rally exciting new features to hot pursuit mode itself.

The two cars that are visible in the trailer are the Lambourghini Murcielago and Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron is the police cruiser in the video, which leads me to believe that we’re going to be seeing some very fast cops in this game!

It is fantastic to see Need for Speed returning to the style of racing that made it so popular. The previous two Hot Pursuit titles (NFS3 and NFS6, respectively) are my two favourites in the series, and I appreciate them much more than the Underground series or the “sim” style NFS games such as Shift.

This is the real Need for Speed. Welcome back, baby!

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