Jeopardy (Review)

“The only thing in jeopardy here is this game’s entertainment value.”

Every now and then, I like to review something that I know I can’t be nice to. Jeopardy, by Sony Online Entertainment, is the lucky game to receive this treatment today.

Jeopardy was released last year on the Playstation Store around September of last year. There was absolutely no build up to the game’s release, and the fact that the game’s price would have put it in the bargain bin at Walmart told everybody exactly what they needed to know, that this was a game that probably had very little effort put into it.

Anyway, upon buying this dirt cheap game and booting it up, players are treated to a repetitive looping theme song on all of the menus. This becomes very frustrating to listen to after several minutes of setting the options and creating your character.

Character creation is not anything worth mentioning, as it has few good points. Basically, you select a head (there are only a few, and they all represent different ethnic groups), a hair style, and a choice between one or two different shirts, pants, etc. It is very limited, but this wouldn’t be so bad if the characters themselves actually looked alright. The male characters all look like scrawny child molesters, and the female characters all look like they are missing their brains as they stare off into space like idiots.

So after creating your character, it’s time to get to the part of the game that you’ve been wanting to play, the game show portion. The actual game of Jeopardy is pretty unimpressive. The first thing that you’ll notice is that there is no Alex Trebek. How can you have Jeopardy without Alex Trebek? This is the equivalent playing a Star Trek game that does not have Kirk in it and having the crew of the Enterprise pretend that he never even existed in the first place. All shots of the bridge would cleverly show everything except the captain’s seat, and any dialogue that should be spoken by Kirk would instead just appear in a text box of 12 size Times New Roman font near the bottom of the screen with no indication as to who is speaking the words. That is exactly what it is like in Jeopardy. There is no Alex Trebek, no host, no voicing. They may as well have just made this Jeopardy: The Text-Based Game Show.

Gameplay is ridiculous. You do not input your answers to questions. Instead, each question asked presents you with multiple choice answers, so you can basically win this game through luck just by selecting random answers. You may want to do this anyway, because by the time you read the questions as well as the answers, the AI opponents will have probably buzzed in and answered.

There is no challenge, no sense of immersion. You can get a few cheap laughs out of this game though, as whenever the game starts or your character triumphs, they will do this ridiculous little cheer. It’s an awful animation and when all three characters do it at the exact same time (which is a lot), it looks very awful and sloppy.

I really wish that I could say something good about this game. Gameplay is terrible and suited for borderline casual players, sound is irritating and repetitive, and the graphics leave a lot to be desired. At least the Jeopardy stage looks decent enough?

Final Score



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