MotorStorm: Apocalypse Revs Up!

As a huge fan of the second MotorStorm (didn’t play the first!), I’m really looking forward to Apocalypse simply because I can’t wait to see how MotorStorm’s racing will work in a crumbling city.

Yes, the Apocalypse subtitle can be taken very literally, as the third MotorStorm takes place in a city that is falling apart. It’s been said that the city is crumbling due to a natural disaster, but that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What’s important in MotorStorm is, of course, blindingly fast arcade offroad racing. Wait, it’s not really offroad anymore, is it?

Apocalypse sounds like it will be more chaotic than the previous games. Some unruly people remain in the city and will fight in the streets and also steal vehicles on the side of the road which they’ll use to ram the racers. Combined with the fact that we’ll see buildings crumbling in real time and creating obstacles, it sounds like Apocalypse is going to have a whole lot going on at all screens and may be very, very overwhelming.

Multiplayer sounds pretty decent so far. Local multiplayer will support up to four players, who can all go online together if they wish. The online component itself will apparently have some form of a “game mode creator” which will allow the host to tinker with tons of race rules. I’m not exactly sure what kind of rules or how we’ll be able to have our own game modes, but I’m certainly interested in this aspect of the game and want to hear more about it.

Despite how neat MotorStorm Apocalypse sounds, we will unfortunately have to wait until next year to play it. In the mean time, we’ll just have to wait for more details to leak out, and next week’s E3 should be the perfect setting for that to happen.

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