Top 5 Most Disappointing Sequels

#5 Jet Moto 3
One of the first former Singletrac titles to be developed by 989 Studios, Jet Moto 3 was a bomb. Reviews were not as favourable as they had been for the first two Singletrac developed games. I picked this one up hoping for fun and genuine Jet Moto experience, but instead I got a very dull racer with little charm or soul. It may as well have just been called Hover Jet Ski Racing, because all this game did was tarnish Jet Moto’s name.

#4 Robotron X
When I think of Robotron, I think of the classic arcade game that was good fun. Robotron X (or Robotron 64 on the N64) was a disgusting attempt to modernize the classic Robotron formula. What started with high hopes of revitalizing a classic arcade game ended up doing the exact opposite. Robotron X was a horrifyingly bad looking game with a horrible camera and inexcusably low production values.

#3 Tekken 4
After Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag, everyone assumed that this series could get only better, if that was even possible. With the release of Tekken 4 two years after Tag, the unthinkable happened. A bad Tekken was released. Tekken 4 tried to introduce strange things like partial free roaming stages, which resulted in bizarre controls and fights, and horrendous camera malfunctions. Tekken 4’s features and mechanics have never reappeared in a Tekken game since.

#2 SimCity Societies
SimCity has always been zoning your city and watching it develop. As the series progressed, the gameplay mechanics became more complex and demanding. After SimCity 4, Electronic Arts decided to take the series away from Maxis (the creators of SimCity) and give it to Tilted Mill. The result? An oversimplified version of SimCity in which you could place anything, do anything, and never feel any consequences. SimCity became a children’s sandbox game.

#1 Mario Kart Wii
While my experience with the latest Mario Kart is limited, I cannot help but wonder why Nintendo decided that it was a good idea to throw Double Dash’s innovations away. Being able to select two characters and carry two power-ups at once was perhaps the best feature ever added to Mario Kart, so why did they decide to do away with it? Is there even any kind of explanation? This would be like a Pong game evolving into Mario Tennis for the second game, but then reverting to Pong for the third installment. Why, Nintendo? Why??

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